From the land of the original Father Christmas
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Rare Exports, Inc. They deliver the impeccable, well-mannered, and extremely rare original Finnish Father Christmases to nearly 150 countries every Christmas. Exclusively. [YouTube, NSFW.]

Technically this is a double post, and it's old, so I'd certainly understand it being deleted. But the old link doesn't work anymore, it still makes me laugh, and I'm guessing some people haven't seen it, so that's why I posted it.
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And speaking of the original Father Christmas: Modern Christmas traditions are based on ancient mushroom-using shamans.
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It's a classic, and timely, and I hadn't seen it in at least 3 years, so I think it's a valid post.
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heh, I'd never seen it and I get around the odd sector of the web ;-) It is deliciously disturbing and very well done - just the right antidote for some of the saccharine seasonal schlock. Thanks, homunculus.
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Thanks! I will be sharing this with family this holiday season, doubles that update old links are fine by me. There is a weird Volvo ad that resembles this .
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Lapland, home of Santa Claus (or
Joulupukki, the Yuletide Goat),
corrects our version of Father
Christmas — hardly a Macy's float;
Far from the Pole that lies due north;
Grim, not a tale that's syrupy.
Before he's ready to sally forth,
Nick undergoes aversion therapy.
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That was brilliant. I'de never seen it before.
The silly Very Serious Narrator, the Super Duper Trackers, the flawless Production Values.

Totally had me going.

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This needs to be reposted every year, I imagine.
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AAAAAAH! I FUCKING KNEW THERE WAS A REASON TO BE AFRAID OF SANTA..... When I was little of course. Now I think I could take him. That is one that has laready had it's spirit broken.
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I love this video. I send it out to my friends every year. Reposting it yearly cannot possibly be a bad thing.
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I would have waited until AFTER Thanksgiving, but it's a great video.
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But there is no "AFTER Thanksgiving" anymore. Christmas season starts the day after Halloween.

I hate it a little more every year.
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True enough.
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