You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry
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The recently released motion picture Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is based on two short films by director Jalmari Helander: Rare Exports Inc. (2003) [previously] and Rare Exports: Official Safety Instructions (2005). (NSFW due to naked Santa)
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Marvelous. Watching the original Rare Exports Inc short is a Christmas tradition for me, but I had no idea this existed. Thanks!
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Just saw this last Sunday and was smitten with it. It is strange and whimsical and completely adorable. I am really hoping it can become a new Christmas tradition for me. On that note, does anyone know of other films that deal with the more pagan aspects of the Santa Claus story? I'd be very curious to see them.
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I just saw this the other night in a little theater in Mobile, AL of all places. It was weird as hell, hilarious, and kind of touching too. And the little boy who plays the main character is adorable!
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I saw this at the BFI film festival a few months ago. Brilliant, apart from the British actor at the beginning, who is appalling.
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This is fantastic. Thanks!
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