Salsa in Kilts?
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Salsa in Kilts! I was not aware of them until seeing them in the (excellent) movie Driving Lessons. WOW! Meet Salsa Celtica.
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Oooh. This is fun! I like unexpected combinations (you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!), but was not sure how this would go.

Up until about 6:20, it just seemed like they were playing the odd riff on the bagpipes sandwiched between sections of salsa.

But then they somehow pulled out a kick-butt salsa complete with campana on top of the celtic fiddles and it worked. And then at the end--bagpipes alongside shouts of "gozalo!" and the scraping rhythm of the g├╝iro.

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Fascinating mix of two pretty different styles of music.
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I've heard something similar to this on a set of CD's I have called "Planet Soup." "Reel "En Su Salsa" by Matto Congrio.

The two go surprisingly well together.
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Ruben Blades did some nice mashing up of styles on 'MUNDO' released in 2002. Uilleann pipes and fiddle are pretty awesome in that setting.
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I have an album by these guys and it's really quite fascinating- a strange mix of very different styles that in many cases just *works*, as mentioned above.

Well worth seeking out if you like one or both of these styles. My spanish-speaking Irish wife was in heaven when I brought this CD home :)
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Maybe haggis will become edible when drowned in a nice Pico de Gallo. The bagpipes are almost listenable when drowned out by a nice Merengue...
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This was a treat, I'd never have found it otherwise. Thank you.
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Didn't enjoy that movie much, but their scene made me glad I watched it. Thanks for the reminder!
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What a great find - I really enjoyed it!
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