Lucky Soul's 'Lips Are Unhappy', an unlikely Xmas No. 1 contender
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Lucky Soul's 'Lips Are Unhappy' isn't the likliest of contenders for the UK's coveted Christmas number one, but this is the track (from a shortlist) selected by listeners of to receive's backing. Profits go to charity, as is the norm for Xmas No. 1 entries.
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You can now pre-order ‘Lips’ (which is bundled together with an exclusive, never-before-released cover of the Mud festive classic ‘Lonely This Christmas’) for a mere 40p (for non-UK readers, that’s as cheap as a download can be and still register for the charts!)

40p (is as cheap as a download can be and still register for the charts.) What about the free? Why should anyone have to pay to be counted? Obviously, "the charts" don't understand how the internets are used by most people.
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Meh, I lasted about a minute before getting bored. Must be my hearing going, because the first three words sounded a bit like "Shite... shite... shite".
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Lucky Soul are quite fantastic, but I must admit to being rather confused about this whole "internet site influences Christmas pop charts that don't really mean much anyways" business. For one, I'm pretty sure this song was released as a single once before; for two, there's a tradition where Christmas singles donate all profits to charity? Finally, it's not even a Christmas song! (Though I guess that hasn't stopped other bands like the Chemical Brothers from releasing holiday singles that had nothing to do with the holidays, but then what's the point of all this again?)

For my money (and lack of understanding of this British pop phenomenon), "I Was Born on Christmas Day" is still my favourite.
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The Darkness' "Christmas Time" wuz robbed a few years back.
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It all went wrong for me after my first UK Christmas hit.
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Will this Scandinavian tv commercial help their sales? (YouTube link.)
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The UK actually does the coveted Christmas number-one single thing? That wasn't just a made-up plot device for Love Actually? The things you learn.
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I'm still in love with the 2005 UK Christmas number one, Peter Kay's version of Amarillo. I remember waiting in the Dublin Airport, utterly flummoxed, as about 50 girls marched through the airport with a boom-box blaring that song.
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I missed this thread and got my own Xmas number one FPP about Malcolm Middleton deleted. Following Cortex's advice to the letter I'm re-adding it here:

Could a song called We're All Going to Die really become the UK Christmas number one single? In both 2005 and 2006 the UK Christmas number one was the winner of the X-Factor. This year the fight is on to reclaim Christmas for real music. Led by Colin Murray, the nations' pop cultural anti-establishmentarians are rooting for Malcolm Middleton. 10 days ago he was a 1000 to 1 longshot, now he's down to 9 to 1. It could be the greatest national act of insubordination since Jedi was recognised as a religion.
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Needs more Phil Spector.
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Oh British pop.
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Since the Christmas one all went wrong (Mr Blooby!!! the pain, the pain) I just pretend it's Fairytale in New York every year
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