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Bach's Prelude No. 1 in C major aux tubes musicaux by French juggling troupe Liason Carbone
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Amazing. Just amazing.

This was almost as hard for me to watch as a handbell choir. The level of interwoven precision required just about drives me over the edge. Really fine work. And a wonderful throw and catch near the end.
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I got nauseated trying to follow what they were doing. In a good way.
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I was wondering how they were going to pull off the fast part in the end, but they did. Bravo.
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It's really odd to see the piece really broken up into its constituent parts, as was necessary to do this. Playing this on a keyboard instrument it's about each phrase, getting your fingers in place for the phrase, then the next phrase. Here, it's each individual note and what note is coming next.
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Holy shit. Wonderful.
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One of the more incredible things I've seen in a while!
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Yeah. This piece is too easy when simply played on the harpsichord or clavichord. Throw some sticks into it, willya.

Interesting how the rubato style of the old-school French organist still shines through. Or something. Something shines through.
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Link to the company website for more info: Les Objects Volants.
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This is wonderful. I love how one of the musicians/jugglers breaks away to look at the score, turns the page, glances it again before returning to the other performers. Brilliant team work.
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"All right, we're going to be arpeggiating up and down like crazy sons of bitches, so you've got to be Johnny on the spot with the accidentals, or we're dead."
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