Photos of Glasgow
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Here is an incredibly detailed history of Glasgow in pictures. The site map is probably the best place to start.

Random interesting fact about Glasgow:

Saint Kentigern, also called Mungo, brought birds and cooks back to life and it made the other monks so angry he had to depart for Glasgow, where he founded a monastery and became the first bishop.
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You must have a different understanding of the word "fact" than I do.
posted by Flunkie at 6:25 PM on November 29, 2007

birds and cooks? he should have started a chain of chicken joints.
posted by vrakatar at 6:33 PM on November 29, 2007

Hot damn I love it when people put stuff like this together.
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Awesome. I plugged in my street name and was given dozens of old photographs of it, several of which clearly show the spot where I live but a hundred years ago. Beyond spooky seeing all the long gone people standing yards from where I now sit. Thank you.
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Fantastic. I love city histories and I've always had a thing for Glasgow, though I've never been there. Bookmarked.

Paging sgt. sandwich...
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Damn, I mean sgt. serenity. Can't keep you sarges apart.
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I'd watch what you say, Flunkie. The sainted Kentigern can work that trick both ways. You could end up mungoed.
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I love saint's lives. I would do one on Saint Foy*, but there is a real lack of good links on her despite her entertaining story.

Medieval saints are probably in the top ten list of people you don't want to make angry with you.

*Saint Foy's relics were stolen from Agen and brought to Conques by the monk Arosnide, who had infiltrated the monastery at Agen on purpose to steal the saint's body. He was reputed to have spent ten years at Agen until he was trusted with the keys to the reliquary, at which point he horked Saint Foy's bones and scuttled back to Conques. Saint Foy told him to, of course.
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