Santastic III
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Santastic I, II, and now III, holiday mash-ups, alternate treatments and bootleg remixes.
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I found this like yesterday but thought I was late to the party. This rocks. I downloaded all three of the collections, put them on a CD and I got this playing in my car for the work commute and it so keeps me from wanting to kill everybody around me on cellphones as they drive. Not that I was killing people before... *innocent look* This rocks!

The "So This is Christmas" mashed up with Boston's "More Than A Feeling" works much more than I think it should. There's a tune on the second CD where a jewish girl puts Santa in his place. It's like a T-Rex came along and swallowed whole everything that radio stations have ever played in the past sixty years and then vomited it out on top of a bunch of drugged out velociraptors that are handcuffed to giant scorpions and armored amphibious creatures which spit fire and stuff.

Okay. It's nothing like that but it's really cool.
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Woo! Love Santastic. Makes the holidays a little bit brighter.

If you like this, you may enjoy Suburban Sprawl's Christmas Compilation, which I found via BoingBoing.

I downloaded all five albums yesterday and have been in the process of selecting my favorites while writing a paper for three days straight. There are some real gems in there so it's definitely worth a listen. When finished, I plan to combine them on a playlist with my favorite vanilla and mashup Christmas songs and have THE WORLD'S BEST/MOST UNIQUE/ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST EVER.


So yeah, give it a listen.
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Oh and if you need some more convincing, I'd have to say Power Blessings, all the songs by Adam Kempa, and How to Make Eggnog are among my top favorites, seeing as how they've been stuck in my head all day.

Now back to Santastic III, already in progress.
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Keep adding suggestions of great Christmas mashups and other cool seasonal music cuz I have to fill out the rest of the CD. It'd be cool to have 700 meg of nothing but Xmashups. =)
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ZachsMind: I was about to post an AskMe about it but did some searching and found the exact same question I was going to ask.

I'm looking for some recommendations for good nontraditional Christmas music.

Yay MeFi!
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also check out dj riko. He puts out a new mix tape every year, just the perfect things for family non-denominational festive gatherings.
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thank you, this is just what i needed...
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The version of Auld Lang Syne on the SubSprawl compiliation is by none other than my nephew.
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I'll recommend SomaFM if you'd like streaming music.
They have two Christmas streams running now.
Xmas in Frisko
"Our annual eclectic, irreverent holiday broadcast. May not be suitable for all ages!"
Christmas Lounge
"Chilled holiday grooves and classic winter lounge tracks. (Kid and Parent safe!)"
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Linky no worky.
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