Theft recovery
December 6, 2007 3:59 PM   Subscribe "was created by police officers to provide the best possible asset tracking and property recovery services in the world. is an innovative tool designed to easily register assets in order to facilitate their recovery if they are lost or stolen. joins forces with online auctions to help identify stolen property."
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The Art Loss Register does the same thing for cultural property.
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Looks like Boston PD is really working with it- all of the "recovered" items are in Boston, mostly bikes.
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Yep. Works. Car I’m in right now is on there.
*steps on gas*

Matter of time before something like this showed up. (Also boomerangit )
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What category should I list "My Weed" under? Misc.?
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Cops finding and returning stolen property. Seriously, has anyone ever actually seen that in the wild?
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This is a very good idea.
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SNAGG does everything that JustStolen does, and more.

SNAGG Microchip is probably the most advanced of these, as they have been in business for 7 years, and continue to grow - with a musical instrument database in the 10's of thousands, by far the largest musical instrument and rare asset database in the world.

SNAGG also deploys its technology in other sectors. SNAGG's technology is RFID-based, providing a major theft deterrent, as well as a foolproof method to prove provenance (record of ownership) of valuable assets.

MyThings is not so much about stolen property, but registering your "things"; it could be used to identify stolen property. It's a Web 2.0 play that appears to be running out of steam.
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