Computing In Dark Rooms
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Courtesy of Daniele Gallifa's Mentegrafica, a video demonstration of Multi-User Interaction using Handheld Projectors. An update to the classic Ghostbusters toy, this set of position-aware hand held projectors lets users share information by shining light onto walls. Some of the smart details in the video include: sharing calendars by overlapping light from two projectors, adjoining projections to create larger screens, and blurring private information when outsiders are nearby. No mention of applicability to first person shooters.
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Interesting, some of the general ideas are also in the Microsoft table project. If the Wii is any indication, acting as a conductor is exhausting.

I really think there's a market for something like this in executive board rooms. There you have the money to spend and the need to collaborate quickly. Pecking at laptops is less than ideal, I like the idea of a single virtual workspace that everyone sees.
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My arm is getting tired just watching that video.
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Yeah, holding one of those things up must get exhausting after a while. I felt the same way with ST:TNG's peculiar model of palm flashlight. An actual product based on this research would probably need a tiny tripod mount.

One thing I would have experimented with if this were my project would be a global, master image thrown from a conference-room projector and augmented by the little ones.
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that is so cool.
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i think the real innovation here is the interface stuff, not the projector bit, which is lame. It will be useful when augmented reality starts to take off.
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Nice. I also thought the projector bit was useless too, but then I decided that it provides a nice immediate method/metaphor of defining a user's domain: My power, which is beamed from me, only exists within the boundaries of this box that I create and direct.
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The highlight of this post for me was definitely the Ghostbusters link. Playing with that toy is one of my earliest memories. I had forgotten a lot of how it looked (although not how bulky it was), so thanks for that.
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Meh on the Ghostbusters toy.

The Ghost Gun ruled.

It used thin strips similar to wax paper with various ghosts on it. Five a strip, if I remember correctly. The pistol grip area floated, allowing an certain range of motion. When in use, the pistol grip would move a target site around the the ghost. Pulling the trigger would invisibly punch a visible hole in the ghost.

You'd better believe I hoarded those strips after the first couple of days!
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Actually the augmented reality application works. Datagloves anyone?
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