Hitchcock on Hitchcock
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Hitchcock on Hitchcock: Alfred Hitchcock reflects on his career in movies, discussing among other things, the origin of the term "MacGuffin", his creative process and what his earliest fear was.
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Awesome. Anyone who wants more should check out Truffaut/Hitchcock.
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Yeah, this is good, but the gold standard as stated above is the Truffaut book. You can get mp3 versions of the interviews the book is based on here, but they're really better approached as an annexe to it.
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I've seen this film before and can vouch for it. Watch it, ye olde fans of Hitchcocke.
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That was a good series. The episode about Howard Hawks was another great one.
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Oh God mother the Bookman! The Bookman!
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Anyone complaining about one-link video posts needs to shut up and go away now.
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This is a great piece. Hitch was one of the greats.
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