Security Question
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Security Question A short story by Ramon Rozas III. [via Schneier on Security]
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In a bizarre twist of fate, his mother's maiden name is "admin".
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He misspelled Sergey.
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I don't get the ending. Is he supposed to be an impostor?
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languagehat writes "I don't get the ending. Is he supposed to be an impostor?"

No, forgetful. And froma time that (presumably) has lost the birth and marriage records that would make finding the name trivial.
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Like all time travel stories, it gets less and less convincing the more you think about it. And stories that hang on their last lines shouldn't let you know halfway through exactly what that last line is going to be.
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If he was spanish and had 6 surnames, none of this would have happened.
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It's not really a "story" so much as an elaborate joke, but it's all right. I did a Chris Matthews laugh at the end. It should be cut down to about 2 paragraphs to make it a truly effective long-form joke.
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The point is that your mother's maiden name is a horrible question to override your not having a password. In an age where "identity theft" is supposed to be a problem, proving your identity should not revolve around public data.
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It would have been more subtle if he'd asked for the name of his first pet. And surely, if he was from the future, he would have just had to have his iris scanned to get access?

Still, it was a well written short.
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Has anyone read Ken MacLeod? Does "making it to the ships" mean what I think it means, surviving until FTL travel?
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No, forgetful.

Well, that was the obvious interpretation, but it was so silly I rejected it out of hand. It makes a shaggy-dog joke of the whole thing. But I guess that's what it is.
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Mediocre pieces of flash fiction are fpp worthy these days?

Have I got like a thousand links for you.
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He misspelled Sergey.

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He was making reference to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. (It's supposed to be cute because Brin was studying at the University of Maryland, College Park at the time the story presumably takes place.)
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What anifinder said.
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I read this short story a couple of months ago.

I was entertained. Unfortunately, I predicted the ending pretty much just from reading the title. Did anyone else see it coming a mile away?

This problem could be fixed by renaming the story. My suggestion: A Question of Security.
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