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Time machine.
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posted by goisher at 12:07 AM on January 5, 2008

I love this guy! I can't believe he threw out that old reel-to-reel, though.

MetaFilter: Pretty Fuckin' Simple.
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mblue, you should add the following tags to the post: apple macintosh mac computers
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Man, I'm already sick to death of cleaning out my own storage spaces filled with dust-ridden, worthless, time-capsuled obsolete crap... there's no extra life left in me to be getting excited over someone else's.
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I bet your dust-ridden, worthless obsolete crap isn't interesting.
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This is stupid.
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Was it me, or did he sound like Alan Alda?
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File and forget.
We discarded old 5¼" floppies earlier this year.
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Oops, make that early in 2007.
posted by Cranberry at 12:35 AM on January 5, 2008

Fifteen years is a long time ago now? Feels just like yesterday to me...
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Wow, what a wanker.
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I never said "a long time ago", just history. I like this because I used most of it, I had a reel-to-reel. I think it shows the pace of innovation and technology. My Grandfather thought flight was amazing, when he died, the sound barrier was broken and men had walked on the moon, but the amazing thing to him was flight. That's all this is, nothing more.
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That's twice in the first 12 comments you've felt the need to self-moderate this discussion, Mblue. Unless you're not confident of the strength of the OP yourself, I'd suggest you sit back and let the conversation take its own course - no good can ever come of trying to steer things on the Blue...
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Wow, these videos are pretty amazing. I'm a thrift store/yard sale/antique store junkie, so rummaging around in someone's storage shed that hadn't been opened in over a decade would be like an orgasm to me. I'm going to be that guy one day. I already have a storage shed filled with crap that I haven't seen in about 5 years, and I'm only 27. I save everything.
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You had to have been there I guess.

[holding HP calculator]

"this cost like $8 billion dollars!"

oh so true. Fun listening to a guy who knew his industry history as least as well as I, ie. nothing to nitpick about what he was saying . . . on to the first one now . . .
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Yep. Stupid.
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Wasn't an HP, panamax, it was a TI.
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Yeah, I've got my own junk to worry about. Old copies of macweek are incredibly uninteresting to me personally.
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Warning to those who haven't watched it yet and are contemplating it: the piano piece at the beginning is going to get you in the wrong frame of mind to hear this guy's voice. I'm just sayin'.
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I was almost inspired to chuck some of my own cellar treasures. I have two Amiga 2000s. And an Atari 130XE. And a cable that can connect the Atari to a PC serial port.

And enough printed paper to roast an ox.
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Wow. You ain't freaking kiddin' neither.
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What an ass-hat. Can I have my 8 1/2 minutes back?
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Thanks, JeffK, for making the comment that prevented me from clicking.
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I have a great storage facility... it's called Ebay.
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Oh and wake me up when he finds a severed head in a glass jar...
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Is he from The Sopranos?
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What a character. Some nice finds though, and kind of fun seeing it first hand.
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I enjoyed that, but then I love loud obnoxious Noo Yawk accents. And seeing those 5¼" floppies reminded me of the time my pal who'd spent years traveling to Africa wrote up his experiences and brought me his MS so I could have a look at it, maybe do a little light editing... and it was on those freakin' disks, already completely obsolete. I happened to have an ancient computer I was on the point of throwing out, that had slots for both 5¼" and 3½" floppies, so I was able to transfer his MS to the latter—which now, of course, are equally obsolete, so who knows if anyone will ever read his magnum opus?
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"Discovered: One abandoned gold mine of goodies. Watch as it's all thrown away!"

I have a great storage facility... it's called Ebay.

No kidding. Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

Not on that guy's planet, huh?
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Hey, I enjoyed these. We had the original Mac with NO internal hard drive, the one with an external floppy disk drive where you had to keep swapping them out, when I was a kid. I remember how exciting it was when my Dad bought a second disk drive! Woohoo! Sometimes, they would get stuck and we had to resort to the old bent-paperclip trick to push in the eject button. We thought we were ahead of the computer technology curve. I remember how frustrating it was to use an IBM with those stupid Basic commands, reading, "syntax error" all the time.

And my husband had, and in fact still does have, an old scientific HP calculator that cost, like, 8 billion dollars and took these little programmed cartridges.

And that guy's accent is fun just to listen to. I felt like someone from the Sopranos was going to show up and blow him away.

So, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Oh, and I would add, "collectors" and "Apple" tags, too.
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I always wondered why people use those storage space places.
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I totally enjoyed both of those, thanks.

When I moved back to the East coast from San Fran in 2001, I was totally freaked out by going through the contents of a storage space I hadn't accessed in, gee, 6 or 7 years. What a strange thing, finding unopened bottles of booze left over from my 30th birthday, and the old copies of Omni I had originally dragged across the country when I moved to the bay area from NY in 1991.

And as far as the old Apple stuff that guy finds in his spce, my buddy Chuck Farnham has a collection of that crap that makes this guy's stuff look like a joke. Seriously.
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I bet your dust-ridden, worthless obsolete crap isn't interesting.

I really do wish you were right because then I could just throw junk out. Instead I have to sift through the normal stuff vs. the collectibles and figure out their value and call museums to see if I can possibly loan some of the heirloom pieces. Because I really do not need the original rusted key to the San Luis Rey Mission's Choir loft sitting on my tv table getting dusty.
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That's where it's sat for 10 years, by the way. One time a woman came to clean the house and tried to throw it away. I almost didn't notice. It's not like I ever USE it.
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"I'm stopping now because the Hummer is packed to the balls" now that is video gold!
Simple calculation reveals that if he would have stuck the $12.50 a week (aprox rental cost for a 5' x 10' storage shed in Boyton Beach FL) into a mutual fund paying interest of only 5% he would have $8429.32 after his ten yrs instead of a bunch of old crap that he has to cart off.
Thanks for the post.
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I have a great storage facility. It's called the back room of my house. I don't even wanna know what's in there. I haven't gone through that stuff back there since 1994. Wowzers!
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I don't have any obnoxious uncles of this particular stripe, so this was sort of endearing. But the second sixteen-minute video? Starts to feel like helping Uncle Jerry move.
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