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Letman : Job Wouters is a Dutch designer known for his two-color flyers, which emphasize manic color and hand-lettering. His sketchbooks (White, Gray, and Black) are full of fun letter design.
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And now hopefully his site won't crash, as it did the last time I was trying to make an FPP out of him.
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Quibble: The manic colour ones are not two-colours.
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This is very cool. Thanks.

Quibble: what he is known for is not necessarily what he always does. The United States of America is known for its idiotic television programs. I live here, and I don't even watch TV.
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Good post.
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This guy is awesome. Thanks for the link.
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DISCO EXOTA 2 BACK | CLIENT: FUNKNOIR | 2006 (4th to the right on two-color) kicks ass. Not so much for the art but use of space. Two fliers on one page and both pretty readable. That's brilliant.

*makes note of this for future use*
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"*makes note of this for future use*"

Yeah, I'm gonna rip this guy off pretty hard. (But hey, he's in the Netherlands, and flyering has always been an appropriative art.)
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