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Vispo is a site dedicated to visual poetry, both static and animated, run by Jim Andrews (though there's also a sound section). Among my favorites are bpNichol's First Screening (made in Hypercard), poem game Arteroids, the works of Ana Maria Uribe, Oppen Do Down (warning: audio starts immediately), Enigma M, strings and a selection of typographic works by Clemente Padin
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I should add that I found the site looking for bpNichol's First Screening, which is a classic. Here's a clip of The Four Horsemen, an avant-garde barbershop quartet of sorts that featured, among others, bpNichol.
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This is why I love Metafilter.
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Born magazine has some neat stuff too. (previously)
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Oh, cool. Thanks.
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Wow, excellent post! I remember reading bpNichol in my Canadian Lit class. I've never seen this, though. Great stuff.

Fun fact: bpNichol wrote 3 episodes of Fraggle Rock. I plotzed when I learned that--I loved that show when I was a kid!

He died way too young.
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