The art of Lilly McElroy
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The art of Lilly McElroy: "The gestures that Lilly performs for the camera are simultaneously loving and cruel; they are an attempt to discuss the desire and difficulty involved in making a connection...These photographs, videos, and installations that she produces, while trying to interact, acknowledge the possibility of failure - that someone might not catch her, that a connection might not be made."

My personal favourites are in the "I Throw Myself At Men" and "Performative Videos" sections.
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Oh and, a little more on "I Throw Myself At Men" here.
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The most likely reaons 'a connection might not be made' is that the web designer didn't bother to check if it worked in Safari under Leopard.

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Seems to work fine on my Firefox and Safari on 10.4, unSane.
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10.4 ≠ 10.5
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I dunno. they're a little bit meh.
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Can't spell portraiture.
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I throw myself at busses.
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Well, as someone who's felt sad and disconnected lately this made me smile. I haven't watched them all, but I especially liked "The Square" -- how near the end another person recruited herself to help, and together they were so intent on defending their territory they worked in perfect time together like athletes. I can't remember the last time I played unselfconsciously like that with another person, and I didn't know till now just how much I truly missed it.

So thanks, ira.metafilter{)*

*{) = clumsy hug
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I originally saw McElroy's site because of the "I Throw Myself at Men" press she's been getting... but got sucked in to the rest of the site. I second Ira.metafilter's comment about the "Performative Videos" section.

Particularly, "The Square" and "Two Anecdotes" were pretty great.
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I really really liked the photo called "Laundry Mat" from 2004, under the "Locations" category. Little kids will roll with *anything*. Thanks for the post.
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melissa may, as someone who's been feeling the same, your comment meant a lot. Thanks *{)
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