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StrangeUSA.com - "Consolidating the vast amount of 'Strange Stuff' out there into one easy to use place. Haunted buildings, places, urban legends, cemetaries, weird places, cool places, ghost towns, and anything else that's worth your time to visit."

There are thousands of listings, and you can add your own strangeness. Apologies to the rest of the world for making a US-centric post!
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Great timing. I'm planning a trip out to Centralia, PA from Cincinnati and was hoping to find more interesting places to check out along the way. A quick glance through makes me think it could use a lot more underground/abandoned entries, though. Mebbe something I could add a bit to. Thanks!
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Oh this is the coolest. Thanks. Lots of stuff here (though more entries than literary flair). I wonder how they police the site, however, for spam or politicking. I notice with some suspicion for example, that the career center at Indiana University is supposedly haunted by "the ghosts of aborted children." Hmm.
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See also Roadside America.
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I prefer Weird US which is an outgrowth of the magazine "Weird NJ." It doesn't have as many references as this one, but it's more about the stories than simply documenting them.

Plus most of the entries on this site seem to be reports of UFO sightings.
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So it's not just Missouri? (And I though this was supposed to be the 'show me' state. C'mon, UFOs?)
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Don't forget Strange Indiana!
Self-link ahoy!
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JpBurns, is that like Eerie, Indiana?
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Not so eerie... I just found it strange there, especially returning to the midwest after living in the south for 20-some years.
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My favorite "Strange Indiana" thing is Nancy Barnett's grave.
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Nancy Barnett had a kickass grandson. Think about it, he made sure that even 117 years after her death, every day her grave is visited by hundreds of people who never met her. I mean, just by driving around her they're acknowledging her life existed. Y'know?
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"Kendall Demonstration Elementary School In the girls bathroom, there was a ghost around and watching the girls. The ghost is around the bathroom because four girls who were saying bloody Mary for millions time and several days. Somehow, a ghost was mad at 4 girls. The ghost looked like more than 100 years old. The ghost was looked for 4 girls. The four girls decided to withdrawn that school to saved themselves. If you wanted to enter this bathroom, you will see the awful image of the ghost."

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The postings about locations near me are about useless in terms of real locations, descriptions, or reliability..

Stuff that is located a mile from my house where I've lived for 40 years and I've never heard of it...
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Nice webceptacle! -- my hometown has a UFO sighting! (Never mind that it's Mitt Romney's hometown, too.)
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I had no idea there were so many ghost and aliens around. I need to get out more I guess.
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Lame recycling of useless info.
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