Henri Salvador
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Henri Salvador died yesterday, age 90. "In his 70-year career, Henri Salvador also gained popularity as a dancer, pantomime artist and TV personality. His musical range included prewar chansons, whispery bossa nova, children's favorites and rock 'n' roll." And his English wasn't bad.
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This is a bit late but still :


He died the way everyone should die : He was still living his passion at 90 years old and died while he was still healthy and energic. I will remember his laugh forever.
posted by racingjs at 2:22 PM on February 14, 2008

Not only was his English not bad, but his Italian sounds pretty good too (he's actually talking Italian in that clip).
posted by bluefrog at 2:35 PM on February 14, 2008

I am only familiar with: "Jardin d'Hiver" and "Chambre avec vue" ; I think they are wonderful songs! Other artist/song recommendations?
posted by odacrem at 2:38 PM on February 14, 2008

Odacrem, I like Clopin-Clopant too.
posted by Lezzles at 2:56 PM on February 14, 2008

He's not dead, this man will never die!
posted by zouhair at 3:25 PM on February 14, 2008

Odacrem: Syracuse. This was recorded in public 2 years ago, and his voice was no longer so velvety, but it's still a great song.
posted by elgilito at 3:30 PM on February 14, 2008

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