Webcasts from the Library of Congress
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Webcasts from the Library of Congress. Hundreds of recent public programs from the Library of Congress, from Indian Religious Freedom, to Litigate or Legislate? to End of European Colonial Empires, to Robert E. Lee, to 1507 Waldseemuller World Map. Other topics include Performing Arts, Education, Government, World Affairs, Literature, Religion and Science.

Unfortunately all programs are presented in the odious Realplayer format. After the LOC's recent experiment with Flickr, I am disappointed that they didn't just get a YouTube channel to host these videos.
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Speaking of libraries...two (kind of) related things: the LoC have this week added a whole bunch of new rss and email subscriptions; and NYPL have started something of a multi-author superblog that delves into their collections (2nd link via Jessamyn).
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I like that NYPL blog!
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Awesome resource. Thanks!
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How can the LoC screw up so bad to use Realplayer that is so antagonistic to so many users for so many reasons. It's not a matter of preference but one of simple accessibility. Anyway, maybe these are in the PD and someone can transfer to YouTube or some other user friendly format.
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Featured webcast: "The impact of parking garages"

This is cool, thanks.
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I wished there was a way to save those real audio files at least to my computer. VLC seems quite capable of playing them but my web connection likes to cut out all the time when doing so.
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