Monkey Does Handstand on Tight-Rope Walking Goat
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The Goat and the Monkey in Rashomon. Part 1, Part 2
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Am i missing crucial information?
I like Rashomon, and all... but what does it have to do with goats or monkeys?
posted by joelf at 10:18 PM on February 28, 2008

Yep... goat... yep... monkey.

I'm sorely disappointed that the goat didn't say "screw this for a lark" jumped down off the rope, landed on the girl (breaking her stupid wand in the process) and taking off with the monkey holding on by its tail.

Good point on the Rashomon thing... what's that got to do with goats and monkeys?
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Okay, ObitFilter is starting to get out of hand.
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Kept waiting for the goat to fall off and crush the asshole in the shiny suit.

And are you sure you didn't mean: The Goat and the Monkey in High and Low?
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Yeah, I just hit the Wiki, thought, "I'd like to see that, sounds good," and requested Rashomon from the library. Then I hit the YT's and it was like someone grabbed hold of the steering wheel and laid tracks across the median strip. I hate when people say, "context, please," but ummm... context, please.
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Perhaps it's Rashomon-y in that the two videos show the same event but with different, possibly key, details. Was the goat black or white? Was there a fence or wasn't there? These are magical, perfectly subjective cameras filming the same thing at the same time in the same place.

Conversely, it could just be a classically overthought dish of red herring served over a plate of MeFi'd beans.
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I think you got it, lumensimus. I had no knowledge that there was such a thing as the "Rashomon Effect" (other than it sounded like some kinda kids' anime show).
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But these look like two entirely different performances of Goat and Monkey (who kick ass, by the way). To emulate Rashomon, there would be only event, but seen from different perspectives.

I agree that the wording of the FPP is a little confusing.
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Is this monkey thirsty?
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I thought this meme died like, years ago. I just got rid of about, like, twenty videos of monkeys riding tight-rope walking goats to make room for videos of this kind of thing.
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Yeah, because that's two totally different stories. In the second one, the monkey isn't even on the goat, and the goat is a dwarf in a fuzzy vest.

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This is some sort of code, right?
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Needs more Pigsy.
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The Goat and the Monkey in Rashomon.

That's not the way I remember it.
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Monkey on the lam goat!
posted by destro at 10:43 AM on March 1, 2008

Goatse Dog?

I'm sorry, I'll read that again.
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