Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh Barack O'Bama.
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In the spirit of St. Patrick's day we turn to some good and some not so good Irish music (via YouTube) in support of candidate Obama. As you may know Barack's Irish roots were traced by a genealogy website, presumably with the hope of helping mobilize the Irish-Catholic vote and all the cosmic synergy that might bring. Too bad -- it turns out his relations were well-to-do Protestants from the north. No matter for this Irish-Catholic, clearly our man Barack has kissed the Blarney Stone.
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You know, all the hype for Ron Paul turned me off him for what little I thought of him. All this hype for Obama is doing the same. Could you try this post again, but with more March 17 and less November 4?
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I think you meant "some not so good and some not so good Irish music".
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his relations were well-to-do Protestants from the north

Since when is Offaly in the north of Ireland? It's not even in the 9-county Ulster. It's the mid-west of Ireland. Unless you're exhibiting some unusual cognitive bias where all Irish "protestants" reside in the "north" of Ireland? When it's true that there are a lot of presbyterians there, I think you'll find that such a pronounced geographical concentration is less evident for anglicans (and methodists), and in fact during the 18th and 19th centuries such non-presbyterian christian Irish were even more evenly distributed.
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Uh ... Hey, I'm an Obama supporter, and this is ... well, let's just say it made me cringe a little. I think it's the assumptions in the phrasing ("our man Barack").
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Obama : He's magically delicious!
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hurf durf obama eater
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chiefbluefeather - after this is deleted, you may want to hang around the site a little bit more and read what we consider good posts. I'm sure you mean well, but this is a shit post. Actually, I'm not sure you mean well at all - your profile looks like a spammer's profile.
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Bunnytricks is right.

May the door not hit ye on the way out, Chief.
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Yikes. If you want to hear a decent Irish song sung, listen to this.
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And by that I mean, an Irish song decently sung.
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