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VBS.TV presents "Epicly Latered"[~80 min, 16 parts, gnarly skateboarding], the story of John Cardiel.
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Mebbe I shall. Or not
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I watched the whole thing, the Hellride Crew and Tent City segments are crazy. For some more skateboard/tragedy videos hunt down Rising Son: The Rise & Fall of Christian Hosoi and Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator. Although John Cardiel seems to be quite a different breed of skater than them.
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And here's Skateboard Kings, filmed in 1978 about the original DogTown/Z-Boys crew (Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams, etc.) at the height of their influence.

It's weird how so many of the old school pro skateboarders fell on such hard times later in life. Gator murdered someone, Hosoi was busted for drugs, Jay Adams was busted for drugs multiple times and I think is still in prison, etc. I guess it was the sort of live fast, die young attitude prevalent within the scene and coinciding with the rise of LA punk rock, which was the most violent and drug-ridden scene of them all (Jay Adams talks about how he used to go to shows by Black Flag and the like and just beat the shit out of people for fun).
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Also, while we're on the subject, here is an oddly compelling archive of skatepark ID cards. There's a very young Hosoi in there, one of Gator's, and many belonging to some of the more minor old school pros like Cindy Whitehead and Ed Economy.
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I tried watching, but the video player lost track a couple of times, and it has to keep rebuffering endlessly (maybe they have cheap hosting). Pretty bad user experience, so far, which is annoying as what I did see was relevent to my interests.
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It's working sweeet tonight, glad I checked back too - this is a wicked movie. What a dude!
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great movie. enjoyed it thoroughly
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