Greening the Ghetto
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Greening the Ghetto. A TED talk (also on YouTube) on environmental justice and urban renewal by Majora Carter, the founder of Sustainable South Bronx organization. She spoke recently at the Aspen Environment Forum.

Carter was an Olympic torchbearer in San Francisco, but when she tried to display a Tibetan flag during her run, the Chinese police and the SFPD expelled her from the relay.
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Green For All
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Wow pretty intense, the woman has a bittersweet tought love no bullshit taking attitude and gets multiple points across with ease and with a passion so intense you can almost feel it radiating.

And no wonder she is massively disillusioned about help from above, I would if all I saw in my life was abandonement, prejudice and decadence.
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Some people are just frickin' cold. What is it about FLV files that turns people into morons? From the comments on the talk:

"I wish she didn't cried. I was listening to her and suddenly it was more about compassion or my not being able to feel it rather than what she was saying or said or will say. And strangely, it was all over in another 30 seconds... an emotional abuse."

Emphasis mine.
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is it just me or is TED totally awesome?
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Sustainable South Bronx kicks serious ass.

And thanks for the link to TED. Hadn't know about it, and it looks to be pretty awesome. I will be watching some videos later.
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Here is video of Majora Carter taken right after they pulled the flag from her during her torch run: link
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Totally awesome:
Marjora Carter
free speech

(that video, rajbot, is disturbing...especially how the police officer pushed her with such force)
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She's a hero.
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Majora Carter - Here's a Leader
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How the Bronx Turned Green
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