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The Daily [Batman / Superman / Wolverine]

Oh, and Bad Spock.
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These are great. I especially like the Wolverine Daily. I think he's dreamy, but my roommate is telling me that he's not popular anymore and that the kids these days are all about Cyclops. I just refuse to believe that.
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Something about Batman is just inherently funny in a way no other superhero is. Not even Superman with those silly Jimmy Olsen predicaments. It's partly all the giant coins and giant umbrellas the villains use, and partly the ambiguously gay tension.

Also, bad Robin.
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More like boreclops. Besides, it's all about Colossus.
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No one likes Cyclops. Everyone knows the cool one is Nightcrawler!
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All about Colossus? He's dead!

I used to be into Wolverine, until my BF showed me stats on him - he's only 5'3". Pity.
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Nowadays, Marvel's pretty much playing Wolverine Daily anyway.
What with all the titles he he's in: Wolverine, Wolverine Orgins, Wolverine - The First Class, Logan (this may as well be Orgins II), Astonishing, Uncanny, X-Force, Avengers and I think I'm overlooking another five... Not to mention the three movies coming up that may as well be titled Wolverine IV/V/VI.

Heh, but I digress. I like these a lot. The Batman one especially.
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Nowadays, Marvel's pretty much playing Wolverine Daily anyway.

If by "nowadays," you mean "for the last 15 years."
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I'd like to see someone pull off The Daily Flaming Carrot, though I'm not sure if that'd be doable as anything but a series of scans from Burden's work.
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he's only 5'3". Pity.

Hey, bub, he's the best at what he does. That what he does is violently exercise his Napoleon complex is nobody's fault, really.
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Wolverines yer modern angsty bollocks superhero. It's a slippery slope from Wolverine to Cable.
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If anyone has AWESOME BATMAN THINGS they'd like to see on The Daily Batman, please feel free to MeFiMail me!
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Yeah, that's worth pointing out: Batman is via Projects.
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I've always liked Cyclops. He and Gambit were my favorites when I was a kid. Here are some reasons why I like Cyclops:

1) When everybody else craps out, he steps up to the plate.
2) He's actually disfigured by his power and can't pass in normal society. This gives him added weight as a character for me.
3) He's an OG.
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Awesome, thanks!

Reading through the old Showcase and Essential reprints is hella fun. I think there's some sort of Garfield Without Garfield project lurking in there somewhere as too many of those panels are so bizarre if you don't have the text description of what the hell is going on.

Take the first “The Mystery Analysts of Gotham City” from Showcase Presents: Batman where at a gathering of said Mystery Club (!) a hopeful new member arrives. In order to join the club, he has to solve a mystery, so he opts to solve the mystery of Who Is Batman? (!!) He unveils a fullsized wax statue of Batman without his mask (!!!), revealing that Batman is actually some bald dude with a hooked nose (!!!!). Then Batman takes off his mask revealing that the statue is exactly right (!!!!!).

At that point I was on the floor (but then again, I drink when I read Silver Age comics). That unmasking scene, presented without words, is just mindboggingly weird. I wish I could find a scan of that to show y'all. Your lives are hollow without it.
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Sadly, I did mean nowadays. Three titles are brand new, and a fourth one I consider a flailing toddler.
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They probably want the trades ready in time for the Wolverine Movie. Some people might not know to look for him in one of the six other X-Men titles he'll undoubtedly be on the cover of.
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Bob Burden's Gumby is awesome. C'mon people! It's got the Astral Image of Johnny Cash™!
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Meh. Now, a daily Plastic Man would be something. Rah Jack Cole!
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Batman always FTWs.
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A daily Cheech Wizard would be even better.
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and partly the ambiguously gay tension.

What the hell are you on about! Oh, hang on...

Obligatory link.

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I'm all for all of this.
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There's something about fat Wolverine that's awesome. What am I saying, Wolverine is always awesome. And that BECAUSE he's short not in spite of his shortness.
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I'm with the Cyclops crowd. Wolverine was cool for about a month once I started collecting comics. Then I saw through his god-like powers like Magneto had or the Phoenix (though regular old Jean is cool). When these people can pretty much do anything it isn't interesting. Same reason why I don't like Supes but like things that explore other parts besides him kicking butt. I think he was part of a role-model for me as far as leadership and such goes.

As far as the given choices go, Batman for the win. Reminds me of some things my old roommate did. Just quirky different looks at some heroes. Cool stuff.
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Superman can actually be a very interesting character, despite the whole can-do-anything problem. Check out Grant Morrisons superb run on All Star Superman for instance.
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Batman still always wins though, of course.
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I agree that Superman can be interesting. I loved Superman Returns. It wasn't about him beating the crap out of stuff. All Star Superman is indeed quite good. But these treatments of Superman are few and far between. I think Batman is still tops in my mind since I don't read any Batman comics except big standout ones. I don't want him to be ruined. =)
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Though we agree on Supermans potential to be interesting, I think we differ quite radically on whether Superman Returns is (my answer: no. Utter borefest.)
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Read New X-Men to see why all the kids love Cyclops. Beneath that anal-retentive exterior is a comic cavalcade of crazy. Since puberty he's been forced to wear a mask, trained to be a leader responsible for the lives of his classmates from his early teens, (formerly) married to his high school sweetheart who periodically goes batshit and threatens to destroy the world in her rage. His life is a path of eggshells, and any wrong step sends everything into crisis.
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I like Kurt Busiek's Superman, which is of course why he's leaving the title. Sob.

But mostly I'm a Spider-Man gal, just my luck. Flowers can be sent through mefimail, or a small donation in his memory to the charity of your choice, because that guy in Amazing Spider-Man? Sure as heck isn't Peter Parker, whatever his name.
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Every so often I find a thread there half the stuff deserves a favorite. Just the thought of Daily Flaming Carrot, then Daily Plastic Man, then Daily Cheech Wizard... too awesome for me, I quit.
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Daily Love & Rockets, please!
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