Figures of Anachronistic Action
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Sillof's Workshop features steampunk/gaslight versions of some pop culture's most-loved heroes, as well as dioramas based on Star Wars scenes.
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Pretty darn cool. Thanks for the post!
posted by Atreides at 5:56 PM on May 4, 2008

I'm not a huge steampunk fan, but these were really cool. It was nice to see that he didn't just put goggles on everybody and call it a day.
posted by Biblio at 6:00 PM on May 4, 2008

Steampunk re-imaginings of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. *brain asplodes*
posted by DU at 6:11 PM on May 4, 2008

Nice to see his throught process on the Star Wars characters.
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DU: I don't think the LoEG figures are meant to be steampunk re-imaginings, just his creation of figures to match the characters in the text.

So, how does he (one) do this stuff? Start with parts from other figures and carve/paint them?
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I really dig the feel of the starwars steam punk characters. However, I don't understand the motivation to use such exceptional craftmanship and talent to not try and author something original. I personally think that being a creator is a matter of being clever about who you rip off. This guy clearly has no problem there.

Anything Star Wars related gets you posted on blog aggregators. It guarantees a built in fan base, whereas original work carries the risk of obscurity. But the work is inspired and I wish that it would move beyond just "Bizarro Star Wars". His talent deserves more.
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I don't understand the motivation to use such exceptional craftmanship and talent to not try and author something original.

Define "original". One could argue that "steampunk version of Star Wars" is original.
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I clicked on the Venture Brothers link.

I was disappointed. I mean, where's the coal powered Master Billy Quizboy hand?

They're all very nice looking beyond that, though.
posted by cpualani at 7:05 PM on May 4, 2008

Yeah, the VB aren't steamy either. :(
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Define "original". One could argue that "steampunk version of Star Wars" is original.

Yes it is "original", but it is not "legally original" and not something that he will be allowed to make any money from because it violates copyright. He might never get permission to sell his creations. Some people are the opinion that artists should just create for the joy of creation and copyright is the devil. But that is a little disingenuous; artists should be able to earn a living if they can.
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While it features steampunkified heroes, it does not feature them exclusively. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Don't neglect the StarWars/1942 figures.
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The dioramas are impressive. All totally scratch-built.
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One could argue that "steampunk version of Star Wars" is original.

I actually prefer this guy's steampunk version of Star Wars...
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The problem with making Star Wars steampunk is that it was already steampunk.

Han's vest and poufy sleeves? Leia's Greek Revival gowns? Capes? R2D2 looks like a little boiler. C3PO was explicitly modeled after the female robot in Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Eideteker, thanks for mentioning the StarWars/1942 version. Yes, I think those work better.
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So does poor people getting enough to eat, so maybe your opinions aren't that valuable.

Has Bring Another Poster's Political Views Into A Completely Irrelevant Thread season started already? Shit, I need to renew my license.
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Is there anyone of the, ah, girlular variety that wants to play dress up like steampunk Princess Leia, Mina Harker and/or Dr. Girlfriend and come hang out? I have OG Tetris on the MAME, a genuine TRS-80 pocket computer and at least two or three spools of 24 AWG solid core hook-up wire.
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Sheesh, more steampunk Star Wars and other action series.

It would be nice to see some other things done steam punk. Steam punk teletubbies, steam punk Seinfeld, or perhaps Steam punk Alf. Surely we need a steam punk Perfect Strangers. Or even better, a Steam punk punky Brewster.
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loquacious, throw in some pop tarts and a large supply of pringles, and you've got a deal. :)

seriously, though -- those 1942 figures were totally fucking awesome. thanks, eideteker!
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Or even better, a Steam punk punky Brewster.

Steam-powered rainbow knit legwarmers?
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Strawberry Pop-Tarts or s'mores? Also, should I get Mtn Dew or Dr. Pepper?

Hey, I should totally call up the guys and set up a... OW why are you poking me!? Oh, duh. *facepalm*
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Steampunk Odd Couple Action Figures FTW...Felix comes with a steam-powered sterilisation kit, and Oscar has a rivet-studded brewing contraption strapped to his back.

So, how does he (one) do this stuff?

1. Remove buttons, replace with levers.

2. Remove LEDs, replace with gauges.

3. Nylon becomes leather; clips become brass buckles.

4. Add valves, vacuum tubes, goggles, and scarves as desired.

5. There is no profit.

Lots of interesting revisioning on that site - "Star Wars: 1942" is a fantastic idea, if only because they're already using weapons modeled on firearms which existed in 1942 (FG42; MG42; C96; etc.), so saved himself some trouble removes the veil from the whole "Empire = Nazis" thing.

However the comma abuse is RAMPANT up in that motherfucker: "Inspired by the comic book, Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn. Set in the 1880's, Batman attempts to stop Jack the Ripper, who has come to Gotham."

Unleash the 'hat!
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Did anybody besides me at first hope that these things were life size?
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CODE RED mt dew, baybee, if i'm going steampunk on your ass.

wait, that came out wrong
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That's probably going to go in wrong, too.

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I don't understand the motivation to use such exceptional craftmanship and talent to not try and author something original.

I'm with you. On the one hand, stuff like this can be cool. but I think about this a lot because I have friends who want to be writers/filmmakers and they're always talking about entering this Lucas-sponsored "make your own Star Wars parody" contest or something similar.

And I just sit there thinking, "all of you are creative and have talent to one degree or another. Do you really want to look back when you're 80 and say to yourself, 'I made a really awesome take-off of someone else's original work?'"

Of course I can't control them or anyone else, but there are so many people right now selling themselves short like this. It's really sad to never even try to make something of your own.
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To some extent this is an extension of the thing I dislike most about the "geek" mentality, and why i strive to avoid being defined as one, even though I like Monty Python and computers and such:

it's like the brilliant programmer who works in a shitty cube for 1/3rd of what he's worth, while the guy with the MBA takes all the money and credit. If you don't use your talent for your own gain, rest assured someone else will use it for theirs.
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Perhaps the person who is making these things enjoys the actual act of making them more than trying to think up a new idea.

Thinking up original ideas is good, if you want to think up original ideas. But if the craft itself is what does it for you then you do that. A combination of genre's and using other people's ideas give you something to target.

John Carmack wrote game clones and in particular Commander Keen, a sidescroller game, in order to learn his craft and then went on to create the FPS genre with Doom. Surely most film makers clone other films until they have a good enough understanding of how to make things and then they can use their own ideas.
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Explains why he does it in his about page. It's his hobby.

I think it's pretty cool, myself, and there could be worse hobbies in life... at least he's pursuing his happiness!
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Man, Thor looks just like Techno Viking.
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jamaro: You are aware of the steampunk wedding that happened there yesterday, right? Many people were iin costume for that.
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Too weird. I just spent the entire last weekend working on my Steampunk/Gaslight version of power-armor. Complete with boiler and locomotive engine styled fittings and powertrain...

Wait, what do you mean "Action Figure"?

Oh right...

*closes door to full-sized foundry presses and mill*

Yeah, it's still in the design phase. I'll have to show you later.
posted by quin at 10:35 AM on May 5, 2008

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