homemade film
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Do-it-yourself film manufacturing. "Can't buy the film you want any more? Just make the stuff! In this set you will find random photos and information on a project a friend has undertaken - a machine to make his own camera film. Plastic and goop go in one end, and camera film comes out the other end. This is not a trivial undertaking."
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yay! now do polaroids!
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I am a photography geek, and I've seen this. This is awesome! Stuff like this is why film will never die (it'll just smell bad). With the demise of the popularity of film, the large manufacturers like Kodak are having a hard time since their equipment is made for such huge runs. Control systems are getting cheap, so setups like this are more within the realm of the everyday man, and once that's the case all kinds of creative emulsion producers will pop up. Companies like EFKE are producing smaller lots of film and surviving while the big boys give up. I think we're entering a renaissance of film, especially black and white. (Even though they are saying they are attempting Kodachrome with this).

Also, the photographer of this set gives more explanation in this thread at APUG.
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That is some next-level maker shit. Good to know we'll be able to do some home film-makin' after the collapse of civilization.
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I wonder what the cost per roll is compared to 'off the shelf'.
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Once, years ago, Mel Brooks appeared on the Tonight Show and Johnny Carson asked him, in all seriousness, what was the hardest part about making a film.

"Cutting all those little holes in the sides," Brooks said.

Carson fell off his chair laughing.
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This is really interesting. There are artisan forms of many technologies - such as bicycles, beer, yarn (see asparagirl's post; my sister-in-law hangs out with a bunch of knitters, some of whom have started to dye and spin their own yarn) - so why not photographic film? It would be very cool, although probably also quite expensive, to purchase handmade film from different small manufacturers. Each film would be different, depending on their recipes, machines, etc.; you could swear by your favourites, just like wine.
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Ya know... this makes me feel extra lazy for all the times I think it's too much hassle to shoot with my digital camera.

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Great, thanks to the internet I now have this urge to develop some old rolls I shot in my holga. There went my day of doing nothing.
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I like this.
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i find it telling that all of the pictures of this thing are taken digitally.

just saying.
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I fully intend to be buried with a loaded film camera in my hands. I have no doubt future archeologists will know what to do with the film.
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I fully intend to be buried with a loaded film camera in my hands. I have no doubt future archeologists will know what to do with the film.

Dude! If you could rig it so that when the casket it opened, it triggers the camera and flash, that would be so sweet! Then, when they develop the film, it would show their own shocked faces as the flash fired. They would also see a picture you took before you died: Just a photo of hand-written note that reads "I knew film would make a comeback someday!"
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Any film made using this technique?
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