Polaroid Alternative Process Galleries
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Joanne Warfield's innovative work in Polaroid emulsion and image transfers, time/zero manipulation and corrosion. (previously on MeFi)
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i find these short on significant content. but as someone who has explored (okay, dabbled in) alternative process photography, including polaroid manipulations, i have to say that her technique is impressive. some of them are really beautiful and/or trippy.
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Yeah I agree. They look pretty sharp for a plastic lens.
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I like Michael Dare's "Emulsional Problems", but then, I liked it 5 years ago (actually, 25 years ago when I met him in his prime of Celebrity Picture alterations, but I posted it here 4 years and 362 days ago).
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Gotta side with the mehs on this one. Twenty or thirty years ago, these effects would be somewhat interesting. Now? With Photoshop? It's beyond meh, really.

And as much as I will sorely miss Polaroid, I will not be lamenting the death of emulsion transfers any time soon.

They look pretty sharp for a plastic lens.

Could have been shot on a decent medium-format camera with a Polaroid back, but it seems from the artist's statement and links that she uses a little Daylab enlarger: Insert negative (shot on a non-Polaroid camera), print onto Polaroid film.
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