Womb Quake
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Womb Quake! Follow along as mefi's-own gomichild drops her bundle, live via satellite!*[via mefi projects]

*cellphone satellite, that is
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I hear that the conception is already on YouTube.
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impulse 101
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I think under these circumstances, noclip would be more appropriate.
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What, no live streaming video feed?

thank you thank you thank you
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BTW: Go, gomichild (and gomi(child)^2)!
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Holy whatsits, gomichild!! I knew you had one in the oven, but I didn't know about all this! Damn, I gotta start reading projects a little more often!

So I guess this means I won't see you at my gig with Mike Watt and Jim O'Rourke tonight...
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Oww, good luck gomichild!
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Hooray gomibabyfilter!
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I'd like to stress, for those not sufficiently hep, that Japan is not quite as big on the epidurals as the Western World is.

She's flying without a net, is my point, which pretty much makes her Wonder Woman in my book.

You go, lady. He'll be as beautiful as you are, I just know it.
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I really like the background and header image. And... good luck with THE REST OF ALLA THAT!

[proud dad of 12yo... the fun is just beginning... keep blogging!]

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Christ, what an asshole!

What? Like a blogged birth could miss that?

Umm, go gomichild! And "Come on down!", gomisprite!
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Wow! Yay gomichild!
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Is this something you'd have to have had sex to understand?
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I had my wife convinced for about five seconds yesterday that gomichild's projects was actually a total conversion mod of the original Quake.
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gomi, I have cramps. I figure this is some kind of womb seismic tranference. As if I weren't impressed before -- the gal controls the world's womb magma!!

Erupt a peoplespolsion, O mighty mount gomi, and give her lotsa kisses from her SoCal auntie. As soon as she can say "margarita," send her on over! ;)
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Awww! Best wishes for all & sundry!
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*Waves GomiSpawn pennant*
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This is where the fun *REALLY* starts. Good luck with your projects, gomichild & Mr. gomichild. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I'll have to settle for be buying a bottle of sparkling wine on my way home from work, and toasting you from here.
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Woo-hoo! Go gomi! Best of luck with the gomisprout!
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Just kidding with the pronouns. (How did I mis the gender boat?)
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Ah, she's being induced - downside (though I have nothing to compare to, so I don't know if it's actually true) is that some say the contraction pains get sharper, upside is that things move along much faster, wehey! best of luck parents-to-be!
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beautiful baby Gomi! Health & happiness always!
posted by Wilder at 3:32 AM on May 15, 2008

looks like it hurts lots but mj is brave & doing everything just right. water broke around noon, contractions are 2 minutes apart. mj says “ow”

That's all I can expect in January is "ow"??? SWEET!
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HELLO BABY! congrats to mom et al!
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Love to all, gomi.
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He is so beautiful!! I Love new, fresh babies!! Great job and best of luck to you and your family! Yayyyyy!!!
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Congratulations gomi! Beautiful boy!

That said, seeing my wife's mucus plug was quite enough for me, thanks, I'd prefer not to relive the experience without the reward.
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Congratulations Gomi! You did good!

That baby looks awfully Japanese. Are you sure it's yours?
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So after all that, gomi....

...are you still preggers?

I'm still going on the theory that you've always been pregnant, and always will be!

Congrats! He's teh kyoot!
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In other birthing news...
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Congratulations! w00t!
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Gomi knows I love her. I dunno if this is really the best post ever, though.

In any event, congrats to Gomi, Yoshi, and his blobness.
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Congratulations, gomichild!

(I do kinda think this would've been a better MeTa post, but what do I know?)
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omg baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby. *squee*
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Congrats!!! He's gorgeous. Enjoy, and take it easy!
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Well, gomichild, you've gone and done it now. You were warned, but did you listen? Nooooooo! Just had to go and ruin your life, didn't you?

But seriously... congratulations!
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You go gomi! Happy birthday baby!
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Congrats, lovely kid and all that, got one myself... but when did pictures of someone's baby become the 'best of the web'?
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Gosh this is surprising - I'm home safe with child and only a bit mangled and scarred for life by the experience.

Thanks for all teh loves!
posted by gomichild at 10:33 PM on May 18, 2008

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