The Skunk Whisperer
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Canadian author Lesley Choyce and his family share their extended encounter with a surfeit of skunks in a short documentary, avaible on YouTube in three parts.

The battle against the prolonged stench also inspired a children's book, Skunks For Breakfast.
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Lesley's a great guy (I do web design for his small press, Pottersfield), and this is a fun film. I remember when it aired on Canadian tv.
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My wife tells an awful story about how we once had a baby skunk in the vestibule of our tent, a tiny 2 man MEC hiking tent, while camping in Ont. It would have been about 5 inches from our heads snuffling around. I slept through the whole thing but she was awake for every second of it and terrified that I would snore, move or wakeup and trigger a spray. In a tiny tent. With the skunk blocking the only exit.

The kicker was we were camping with friends and sharing a rental car. I am still not sure what we would have done if we had gotten sprayed. We wouldn't have been able to ride in the car because it would, no doubt, add a huge charge for cleaning. Our tent would have been scrap. At the time we lived in London, Ont about 2 hours away. The campground had no useful bath facilities. Just a crap shower. We had no tomato soup (who camps with tomato soup?) and it was a Sunday so stores that sell skunk smell remedies would have been closed.
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I admit my eyebrow was raised a little by the guy flatly refusing to confess he was the mysterious source of a nasty stink on a passenger airplane - even after the cabin staff and pilot were trying to figure out what was causing the skunk smell!

Curiously dry sense of humor, Canadians!

(Lovely tale though: and a super short story twist at the end of the third video!)
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