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An interesting food web site - enter your ingredients, it tells you what you can make. Even suggests items you'll need for other dishes. Previously questioned in AskMe.
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Hmm. I entered:

* Tuna
* Onions
* Tomatoes
* Rice

It told me I could make Tuna Alfredo, which requires noodles and green onions.
posted by yath at 5:18 PM on May 27, 2008

The problem is that it seems to glom on to the most popular ingredient and ignore the rest.

If I give it 2 ingredients, I want a recipe that uses both of them at the top of the results (duh). I entered "yams broccoli" and didn't see yams on the first five pages of results. ("sweet potato" didn't work much better).

I also tried 4-5 ingredients with "green beans" at the end, and it gave me five pages of plain-old green bean recipes.

g broccoli yam recipes isn't easy, but it still beats Supercook for now.
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"hummus + gummi worms" does not yield any recipes involving gummi worms.
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It's not exactly diplomatic. I told it I had rice vinegar, three pomegranates, chocolate chips, sriracha, oyster crackers, half a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and a case of beer, and it told me to get a girlfriend already.
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This is a good idea, but I think there may be too many "you will also need..." results. I mean, my three local grocery stores are all at least a one and a half-minute walk away, and I just don't have that kind of time.
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This would be better if it could automatically twitter what you're attempting to think about making for dinner.
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Wait, I'd have to attempt to think? Nuh-uh.
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This looks like a good way to get ideas, but not such a great way to run your pantry down to E.
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I told it I had five stale taco shells, a busted-open box of baking soda, and a half jar of dusty cinnamon cloves, and it told me to go "down the street, not across the road!" Is that a hint that I need to do some shopping or something?
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I have only this stone and a kettle of water.
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If only you had salt as well, then you could have had something.
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With yams/sweetpotato and broccoli you could totally make a bizarro-gobi aloo. Add the broccoli later than you would cauliflower, as it cooks faster. The spices in that recipe are only guidelines, the only essentials are cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger.

But yeah, the search function has a long way to go, and it could never make the sort of brainstormed substitutions which are essential to actually cooking with what you have lying around.
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Can I use vitamin water?
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Wow! Great. Thanks.
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Hah they never heard of weed!
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It's iffy, but hey, I'm usually looking more for inspiration than precision. Thanks!
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That's weird. Mefite Soma lkzx had a similar site called Snacksby with a similar premise, featured on MeFi Projects. But it seems to have vanished.
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I've been waiting for this to happen for a while.

now if their spiders will only crawl on some vegan sites--

and include options to exclude all recipes with meat.
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My kitchen:

rye bread
cream cheese

I can make:

Whipped Cream Cheese
Bacon-Olive Party Sandwiches
Bacon-Olive Party Sandwiches

...right now!

I believe this explains why I ate out tonight, though I am intrigued by the possibility of Bacon-Olive Party Sandwiches. However both recipes seem to also require bacon and olives.
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ObscureReferenceMan, thank you!

I have a number of staple ingredients in the house and now, I have options. Positively neat.

This is one of the reasons I really, really like metafilter....
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bonus points for actually having recipes (though only 4) involving kimchi....the permanent staple of staples in my kitchen.
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google serves this purpose for me, with greater success. Search for ingredient(s) + recipe, et voila!
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A few recipes for tripe. Lots of recipes for white chocolate. None that combine the two. The search continues.
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I've been waiting for someone to make a website like this! It's not perfect, but the basic idea is there. Just the other day I was staring at my pantry wondering what I could make with a can of tuna other than another boring tuna sandwich.
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What a fabulous site! For food enthusiasts and hobbyists, this makes cooking a much more organic, creative experience. Thanks for sharing.
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