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Cooks around the world deserve a simple place to find any recipe. Enter RecipeBridge. Have an ingredient you don't know what to do with? Enter it into RecipeBridge for recipe ideas returned from more than 200 cooking sites. C'est magnifique.
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There are a lot of these recipe metasearch engine thingies now. I always try "boiling water" as a query string. If the site returns the classic then I'm impressed.
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do a post search already...dang. just 3 wks ago on here RP...
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shockingbluamp, are you posting from your phone?
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Double your pleasure.
Double your fun.

Since 1914. Or April 21, 2009.
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It isn't a double. There are several of these types of sites. I personally like Supercook. While we don't really need posts for every single one of them, that's really the reason this should go, because it's not a duplicate.
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