Women are Heroes.
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Women are Heroes.

Project by JR. You may have seen his Face 2 Face project. Be sure to watch the Trailer. (Also on site, under the project link.)
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they may be heroic. but they are still heroines.
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Yeah, get yer gender-specific nouns here! Stewardesses, actresses, sabreuses, and chauffeuses. Like English has held onto anything but slight vestiges of its Germanic noun constructions.
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I'm a woman, and I prefer the term hero.

This is wonderful, by the way.
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they may be heroic. but they are still heroines.

And, in many countries, they have the freedom to become heroes if they can afford the operation.
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P.S. - I thought this was fantastic.
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You forgot poetess, Peach.

Great find - thank you.
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My personal favorite is aviatrix.

Good link!
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Waitress. Jewess. Negress. Masseuse. Dominatrix.
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Waitress. Jewess. Negress. Masseuse. Dominatrix.

(fade to picture of Hillary)

I have been many things. But I have not yet been President.
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Hard for me to find this amazing. French guy takes pictures of African women who've suffered terribly from war or AIDS, puts them up as huge posters in Europe. Seems like kind of an easy applause line, and I'm concerned that efforts like this create an illusion of personal connection that isn't really there.
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I don't think this leads to feeling a false connection to Africa. He put the posters up in Africa, not just Europe.

It made the women smile. It made me smile to see them enjoying the project. I don't really see what harm he's doing.
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I like "editrix". It's sassy.

Nice post, thank you!
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That trailer was so moving. Phenomenal. Thank you for sharing a project I might have otherwise missed. Great post.
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I once heard a computerized female GPS voice referred to as the "nagivatrix".


Racist connotations aside, I can't help but giggle at this word. It brings to mind a stuffed-shirt Victorian racist with a monocle and a bowler hat discussing his forbidden desires in a polo club locker room.
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I like "editrix". It's sassy.

I have a friend who has "editrix" on her business card.

This Way to the Egress!
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Les: What is an executrix?
Herb: I don't know. High heels and a whole lot of leather, something like that.
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None of these would load very well for me, so I may be mistaken about the author's intentions. Near as I can figure, women are getting their pictures up on buildings after suffering some sort of trauma -- in the first case, rape.

So what really is the significance of calling her a hero?

I object to calling women "heroes" for surviving a man raping her. Calling women heros for putting with assholes is the exact same as calling them a saint for putting up with assholes. That is manipulative brainwashing, designed to encourage her to continue putting up with assholes.

There's nothing heroic about tolerating assholes, only a doormat does that. A real hero rips their fucking heart out, so they never do it again.
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I'm not sure how I feel about that, but the work seems like emotional blackmail:
"Look at what these poor African women have gone through! How can you be such a cold-hearted bastard as to not love my art!?!" And so a European man advances in his career.
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