Brimful of Kumar
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Rare Kishore Kumar Songs is a website dedicated to the music of legendary Bollywood playback singer and comic actor Kishore Kumar. There are hundreds of songs, many with other Bollywood legends, such as Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar. There are also songs by Kishore's son Amit. All songs and videos are in Real Player format and in low quality.
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After reading Vikram Chandra's Sacred Games I've been hankering after Bollywood films and music and this website was a godsend. I actually enjoy the low quality of the ram files, it reminds me of listening to strange music on my radio as a kid.
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One of my favorite Bollywood music/dance segments:
Vyjayanthimala, Helen's dance competition
(It starts out slow; give it a chance.)
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Damn - that's a lot of music to try! Thanks.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, might I recommend "Bam Chik Chiki Bam". It's a madcap little number (wacky even by Bollywood standards) that's just screaming to be animated. The comedy whistle (I don't know what those are actually called) adds a Spike Jones feel to an already manic song. I'm trying to find a few more in this spirit - lots to track!
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Sweet find, Kattullus.
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Probably my favorite Hindi song of all time, all done without (apparently) stopping for breath:
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seriously. if they're home, there is a movie, a soundtrack, or the indian radio playing.
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jagorev, Mahadevan has admitted to taking breaths in between, they're just well disguised.

guruji is a decent search engine for Hindi songs.
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Mahadevan is a terrific singer, although this is much more my speed than the clip linked above.
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Ooh, baby. I love KK. Thank you for posting this.
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