The king of sound silenced
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Tony Schwartz passed away on June 15.

He was the man behind the famous "Daisy" add and also thousands of other ads for more than 200 political figures in the United States. He also contributed to our understanding of the impact of media with his famous Responsive Chord , and as the host of the show Around Here. And before that, he was an important collector of sounds and musics from all around the world.
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I have a huge collection of his sound recordings. They're just fantastic.

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RIP, dear sir. Thank you very much.
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I wonder if this is a post that might have benefited from some of the "more inside" not being inside.
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Frankly I'm surprised that Ira Glass hasn't already come forward and made some kind of statement about this. Schwartz was telling tall tales with sound before Glass could speak. I've never really thought about it before now, but TAL owes much of its success to the ground broken decades ago by Schwartz. Glass' cult of street geeks may have taken the metaphorical wheel of 'storytelling through analog sound media' into the digital age, but Schwartz practically invented the thing.

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