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Web Designer Wall is the personal weblog of Nick La who is N.Design Studio. He talks about design ideas he has, design tutorials from Photoshop to CSS, etc., and trends in modern web design. (see previous)
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There's some good stuff in there. Thanks for posting.
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thanks for this post, netbros. i'm not much of a webbie, but i like to try to at least have some idea of what's going on with teh internets. i also love the idea that they've got a 'best web gallery.' i miss stuff like project cool like crazy & this will help quiet some of the voices. i think.
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I was all prepared to comment something along the lines of "so? there's tons of this stuff out there..."

Than I noticed that this stuff is actually good.

Thanks for posting. Added to bookmarks :)
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Web Designer Wall is one of my favorites! I'll toss in a few similar links that I also think are useful: BittBox, Smashing Magazine, GoMediaZine. I find all of these to be great places for tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration.
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Thanks for posting. There's a lot of cool stuff on there!
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This is golden. Thanks!
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