Boyz 2 pipettemen
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We have heard the PCR song. Now we have the epMotion song. "Yeah girl, it is time to automate." Even Nature has an article about it.
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Qiagen needs to make one of these, that company has the most ridiculously hot models in their literature. Seriously, it's apparently the company where supermodels go when they just gotta purify some nucleic acids.
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Riveting. Metacafe, I'm disappointed.
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The video is up at the manufacturer's website.

I wanted to hate it, but it was hilarious.
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Oh dear. That made me smile despite myself. (Or, what Skorgu said.)

Thank you.
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For the Nobel Prize ceremony, they made a video of olefin metathesis that was something like this animation, but with real dancers. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be online.
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Hippies and Nobel prize winners collaborate to explain the mysteries of protein synthesis. Warning: Interpretive dance youtube
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OK, now that just rocks. Sorry if I'm not being sufficiently sophisticated and above it all.
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Too TFF (ie it's the Hurting).
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It pisses me off that there are legitimate nerdcore artists out there that don't get a lot of press, but a fucking gimmick does.
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I just sent this to all of our automation specialists. It's certainly good for a laugh.
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I'm still waiting on the next Christmas video from these guys.
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Lalochezia, I met the director and his wife (she choreographed) at a screening of the protein synthesis film. I don't have anything serious to add, but she was a total babe.
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