Art and poetry from the post-Enligthenment and pre-Modernist era
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ArtMagick is a collection of art and poetry that roughly dates from after the Enlightenment but before Modernism. While the poetry section is extensive the main draw is the sites extensive art collection, which can be browsed by artist, art movement, title, theme or albums created by the site's users. So, forget the summer heat with some chilly pictures of winter, check out famous objects of devotion or search the archive.
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So what we're looking at here is a trove of Pre-Raphaelite to squishy, gooshy, yummy, breezy, droopily neo-classical, languidly romantic late 19th century goodness, replete with long-jawed ladies lying idly among deep summer foliage, frolicking fairies, humid atmospherics, dark bowers, every shade of purple, and a Pan-like spirit rising out of the mist. I like it plenty, Kattullus. My friend Bunthorne would have bobbed his lily in approval.
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Ah, ArtMagick--one of the first websites I ever bookmarked, probably, somewhere around '97. Guess it has staying power. I'll have to go about rediscovering it.
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The Economist has a slightly odd story this week on Harry Clarke. ArtMagic has 5 of his pictures. I especially like this one.
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"This one" link was supposed to go here.
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