This ain't Ringling Bros.
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The Bindlestiffs - Looks like a show about a crazy traveling circus. I'm not sure cotton candy and elephants are part of their act, but they have a clown!
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I saw them around at Bonnaroo back in 2006. I only caught a little of them actually performing (on stage with the Dresden Dolls), which was a sort of black circus/burlesque/vaudeville/???. It was quite cool.

I saw them out a lot busking during the day too, in particular they were actively engaging kids. I thought that was cool, since most of Bonnaroo is not really geared much for children...
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I have seem them in person, and they're great. They incorporate elements of circus, burlesque, side show etc. into a really unique and intimate experience. I'm not sure how it will translate to a television series (if that is indeed what this is?) but I'm certainly willing to watch.

For what it's worth, the show I saw included an enormous bunny in high heels.
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I likes 'em! Wrote about them back in 2002. Glad to see they're still around.
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Oh, wait; that was Circus Contraption. Also worth checking out.
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Weird -- a girl I knew in high school either was or is a part of the group. Haven't ever gone to see them, though the film/show looks cool.
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The late writer Amanda Davis worked for Bindlestiff for a few years. Her experiences fueled the writing of her lone novel, Wonder When You'll Miss Me.
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Wow! Thanks for a blast from the past. I saw these guys back in '98 when they were the Bindlestiff Family Circus and Autonomadic Bookmobile. Crazy good show.
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Wrote about them last year...
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O.K., I'm really old; but wasn't there a cartoon called "The Bindlestiffs" in the dentist office waiting room magazine "Highlights for Children?"
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Ah, and that should read Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.
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Episode 1 is up and is great! They look like really interesting people. I wonder if they do private parties. :)
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