Meow! Meow! Meow!
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TV Dinner, the third part in Simon Tofield's award-winning animated series Simon's Cat (Previously Let Me In, Cat Man Do)
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That won best Comedy in British Animation? The sun did set.
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That's basically every single day of my life, except for the claws, and instead of TV it's me trying to read a book or use the computer.
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Indeed, he manages to capture cat behavior more accurately than most animators.
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You know, I thought this third installment was coming out on the 18th and I've been waiting patiently for that day. I think this, #3, was better than #2, but maybe not #1. Anyway, thanks for the post!

(It is so true that cats will try to get between you and the object of your attention by any means necessary, including with their own bodies. I could not count the number of times our cat in college would sit on the books we had open at our desks so that he could get a little petting.)
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It's all true.
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I need one of these each day, this fellow captures the joy of being a human for a cat.

Of course, in playing it, all five (yes, i said five, get over it!) cats look up and say "did you get ANOTHER damn cat?". The Siamese came over to watch it with me....
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These are getting longer and less funny. He should stop before he gets the idea of the cat liking lasagna and having a dumb dog friend.
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I agree with DU that this one goes on for longer than necessary...but any cat owner anyone owned by a cat will recognize this behavior.
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This for me is... pretty much every time I try to watch something on the living room TV.
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