Nintendo Entertainment System Hacks.
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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the most popular console of the 80s but the unstoppable march of time and the introduction of more advanced 16 bit consoles inevitably ensured its demise. But you can't keep a good console down and now it's back, thanks to the work of some dedicated mods out there. But it's not quite how you remembered it. I mean, I don't remember the NES ever coming in the form of a belt, do you? Or a coffee table, for that matter. Those insane NES hackers have even gone and put an NES in an NES cartridge. There's also an NES in an NES controller, an NES in a lightgun, a wooden NES, an NES alarm clock, an NES wallet or finally, an NES guitar. Want to see more? Check this out.
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I had a G4 Cube that I planned to put a Mac Mini into, but I had to leave it in Philadelphia. Still, the NES Mac Mini looks like a fun replacement.
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I was a Sega Mega Drive kid myself. Go Sonic!
(That link brings back some memories of primary school sleepovers...)
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On piratebowling's PixelStitchery site, she has an excellent embroidery of an NES controller.
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Oh man. I'm gonna need to find my old system. It's time to get a-moddin'.
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There HAS to be something on Think Geek!
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if I told you I still use a powermac G4 cube, would you be jealous or would you shudder and bury your face in your hands?
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Just give me a working NES, and I'll be happy.
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The coffee table is the best thing ever. Want!
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Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start !
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Hah it was "select, start" I think for 2 player games...been so long but that stuff sticks with ya for life.
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Dudes, c'mon - Genesis does what Nintendon't
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You can also use them to make 8-bit music and become popular enough to play at the Kennedy Center. ( YMCK kicks arse )
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if I told you I still use a powermac G4 cube, would you be jealous or would you shudder and bury your face in your hands?

I'd be jealous! Those old cubes are beautiful...
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YMCK's music is indeed cool. But they use VST Plugins, not actual NES hardware. If you're an 8-bit purist, you'll need one of these. Then you may also want to get into some hardcore hardware mods like modding the NES for stereo sound.
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There's also a plugin for Firefox called FireNES that allows you to play NES roms right in your browser window.
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TechnoLustLuddite, I just got my midiNES last week. It's every bit as awesome as it should be. I'll be checking out your mods links later, thanks for those.

/glows with pride of ownership
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@aftermarketradio: It's apparently ridiculously easy to fix your old NES.
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First I thought it was just weirdness in the FPP, but then I saw it in people's comments to, so I have to ask: "an NES"?
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Watching the video for the NES belt buckle link, I noticed two things that make me suspicious. First, there's a big jump cut from the guy walking up to the television, and actually playing SMB. Second, there is some sprite flicker going on with some of the goombas. While I can never ever remember seeing sprite flicker when playing SMB on my childhood NES, I distinctly recall downloading SMB for the Wii and wondering why random sprites would flicker. Granted, I've never played an original NES on an LCD tv, but I can't think of anything about that combination that would cause random sprite flicker. I'm not saying that the NES belt buckle couldn't work, but that video looks faked to me. Also, there was something fishy about the JFK assassination.

Jokim Ziegler
"an NES"?

Yes, an en-ee-ess.
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Cool post. And yeah, replacing the 72 pin connector in a flaky NES is really easy and will revitalize your system. Just make sure you clean your carts too, otherwise you'll ruin your nice new connector. You can buy a kit off Ebay that has a new 72-pin connector, the security bit to open carts and cleaning ointments and unguents. Just try cleaning a cart with the old Q-tip and alcohol method, then open it up and see what a crappy job that actually does.

The "NES on a chip" has enabled some very cool hacks. Like this "Portendo." And did you know that a lot of the el-cheapo NES ripoff games that you can still find at flea markets (and you used to find at malls before Nintendo cracked down on them) use Famicom 60 pin connectors in their cart slot? That means that for about 5 bucks you can buy a 60-72 pin converter and plug original NES carts into the cheapo knockoffs. (Like this for example). And then maybe hook it up to one of these. Endless possibilities!
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Yeah, thirding the new 72-pin connector. $10 + 5 minutes with a screwdriver = brand new NES. If the problem is a lack of any NES whatsoever, I see them selling, reconditioned and guaranteed, for $50 all the time. A good deal for your entertainment dollar.
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