hitler's secret?
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hitler's secret? - i wonder. take note of the nationality. a search for that name (Czarne Hitler) on google yielded lots of mostly polish discussions. any ideas?
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Hitler had a nephew who was British, there was a news report in 1939/40 that he was joining the British Army to do his bit.
Willie Hitler was his name I think, was a long time ago.
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Since Adolf Hitler acquired his last name from his father, I suspect there might be other people in the world with that last name.

Or........ it could be some a wildly convoluted conspiracy!!!
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Hitler had a nephew who was British

Vanity Fair (I think, though maybe it was the New Yorker)had a pretty interesting article about Hitler's nephew a few months ago. Hitler's brother's family actually moved to the United States before the war. The article said that they continue to live under a different name in the New York metropolitan area.
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See March 30,1939

Jan 20
Charles Ives "Concord" Sonata is given its premiere in New York City.

Jan 25
Boxer Joe Louis knocks out John Henry Lewis in New York City.

Feb 20
Temperatures in New York City rise to 69 degrees F, highest here for this date.

Feb 22
22,000 American Nazis rally in Madison Square Garden.

Feb 24
Tammany Hall district leader James H. Hines is convicted of taking bribes from the Dutch Schulz gang. The prosecution is conducted by New York District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey.

Feb 28
A contractor admits he erased "Made in Germany" from machines sold to the City of New York. ** Broadway dancer-choreographer-director Tommy Tune is born in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Recovered from tuberculosis, trumpeter Louis Rich joins the Benny Carter Big Band at New York City's Savoy Ballroom.

Mar 3
John Ford's Stagecoach premieres at Radio City Music Hall.

Mar 11
Trolley service in Elmira is discontinued.

Mar 25
A New York City anti-Nazi march draws 20,000 people.

Mar 30
Hitler's nephew William, living in New York City, calls his uncle a "menace".

Apr 1
Actress Ali Macgraw is born in Pound Ridge.

Apr 29
The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, linking the Bronx with Long Island, opens to traffic.

Apr 30
The New York World's Fair opens in Long Island's Flushing Meadows. Roosevelt opens the fair from the Court of Peace, by pushing a button that starts a reaction utilizing the light from the star Arcturus. 22 foreign countries, not including Germany, exhibit. The event is televised and broadcast from New York City's Empire State Building.

Louis Bacon leaves Benny Carter's Big Band to sail to Europe and join Willie Lewis and his orchestra. ** Office space is provided for the City Health Department in the basement of Batavia's City Hall.

May 2
Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig breaks his streak of 2,130 consecutive games, never plays again.
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MetaFiltered, again.

Not really. This site just opened within the last week or two, and it's been flooded from day one. Tracing your family history is, as you probably know, a big deal on the web. I've tried several times to get on (just for the heck of it, as I have no particular interest in discovering my ancestors) and have been shut out every time.
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subpixel: a search for "Czarne Hitler" yields a lot of results in polish because "czarne" means "black" in polish. Additionally, "czarne koszule" is a key term from that time... It literally means "black shirts" and refers to some fascist group in UK that formed after the war, if I remember correctly. I don't know the english translation.
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It's well known that Hitler hailed from Austria. There are some questions about his ancestry, but this isn't one of them. Note that variable spelling practices had the name as "Hiedler" or "Heutler" depending on who was signing his name.

A bit about his Irish relatives. His nephew William Patrick Hitler actually emigrated to the US and served in the US Navy during WWII. He later changed his name and avoided the public eye.
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I've done depth study on Nazi Germany.

AFAIK Hitler's father was illegimate. His paternal grandmother wasn't married when she gave birth. But a wealthy Jewish family whom she had worked for, supported and looked after her for many years. Its been aledged that one of the son's in that family was Hitler's grandfather. Making Hitler at least a 1/4 Jewish. But there's no direct evidence.

I heard that Hitler surname was a misspelling or mistake when someone was recording his father's name officialy.
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