February 14, 2000
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An interesting article over at Slashdot on the 9 continents of the Internet. I've always had a sense that there were these different "circles" that people ran in, but I never could quite pin them down. Of course, I'm not sure that they can be pinned down precisely to 9, but I can appreciate the attempt.
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So Jon Katz is saying that this site is part of the "UnderNet?" I'd say weblogs are more pop-culture-y, putting them squarely in his "CultureNet."
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Well, I thought Katz's previous coverage of the weblog scene demonstrated a certain misunderstanding of what they're all about. I doubt he's had time since to revisit the subject in depth to see what's really going on.

His "continents" aren't all that "distinctly separate", really, and seem pretty arbitary to me anyway.
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So where does that leave us?
I think Jon Katz is almost always offbase. In fact, the reason I don't participate in Slashdot is because Robin and I don't see eye to eye about him.
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It'd be interesting to see one of the search engines map the web -- some kind of 3D network with pages as nodes, connected by links. The large-scale structure would be fun to see. Anybody know of anything like this.
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. -> ?

i want previewing to save me from myself
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How can any attempt to define and organize the net be complete? Not at this time and perhaps never. Right now it's the nature of the medium.

I'd also like to add my 2 cents. I think that net-based art (and there's a lot of interesting things being done) should be listed in the CultureNet section. Although, placing it in the same category with movie studios is a bit problematic.
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These network maps of the web are interesting and strangely beautiful.
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Theres an exhibit in the Millennium Dome Here in the UK that tracks your progress through the web graphically in real time on a large screen. Unfortunately it's constantly overrun by hordes of button bashing 10-year-olds so thats about all I saw.
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