Kingdom of the Spiders
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La Machine - the troop who brought The Sultan's Elephant to London (previously) - are at it again. This time, it's a gigantic, mechanical spider in Liverpool. YouTube. flickr.
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The little girl on The Sultan's Elephant was one of the coolest things I've seen in large-scale art. Makes the Rose Bowl floats look lame in comparison.
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I hate these people so much.

Why? Because I'm so jealous I can barely stand up (bursts into tears).
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Heeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee.
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Sponsored by the Tolkein Society, are they?
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Tolkien, rather.
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And here I was, expecting a YouTube of how many babies you could fit into a Volkswagen.
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I was just thinking about these guys! I'm so glad to see something new. I only wish I could see it live instead of on YouTube.
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Meh. I got off the Virgin Pendolino from London at about 10.00pm last night, and as I came out of Lime Street Station, there's a small crowd gawking and taking photograps of this banal, spotlit spider, stuck to the side of a building.

Unless that damn thing rampages through the city centre, trampling our bagheads and raping our scallies, I'm going to remain unimpressed.

The world's biggest LED screen on the other side of the road, in contrast, was a glorious site to behold. Advertisements that were bigger and sharper than an IMAX cinema screen!
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Alternatively, a whole infestation of them, rampaging through the city centre shops might also be cool.
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Whoa, that is one scary-gnarly spider. Wish I could see it moving.

Had to get a mechanical spider moving fix.
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Best use of the "ohmygodthatsafuckingenormousspider" tag ever.
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Gonna be some freaked out Scouse clubbers. A giant spider on the side of an office building at 1 in the morning - eek!
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nickyskye - all you have to do is click your heels 3 times and say "Selleck, Selleck!"
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Somewhere, Jon Peters is smiling.

For those who find the video tl;dw, a summary appears in the Superman Lives section of Jon Peters' wikipedia page
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Bah! I was going to use this as my first proper post, and some one has got there instead. I have particularly disliked most of the Capital of Culture appropriation of stuff that occurs generally in Liverpool, but this has made me really excited. I'm off into town tomorrow to watch it wake up and do stuff.
I'm also glad that there is some kind of crazy back story involved that is basically rubbish, but that people are allowing themselves to accept as fact. This video explains further.
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Sorry to steal your thunder djstig. If it's any consolation, I'm extraordinarily jealous that you're going to get to see this thing in action.
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Unless that damn thing rampages through the city centre

Did you look carefully at that thing? There's enough hardware run though that things that I will be surprised if it doesn't at least do that.

And here I was looking at this and this for my inspiration for this year's addition to the Halloween decor.
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Holy shit!
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Did you look carefully at that thing?

Actually, I didn't. Given how awesome the elephant was, I just felt short-changed, thinking we'd just got a boring decoration on the side of a building. And as everything else about the Capital of Culture thing has been shit, I naturally assumed that this would be shit too.

Since then, my kids assure me that it can not only rampage on the streets, but it can also climb buildings as well. I don't know how they know this. One daughter believes it may even lay eggs and have babies.

Perhaps I'll go take a look tomorrow as well. I'll be the aging scally in the Goretex Berghaus, djstig. Keep your eyes out for me -- though I'm not sure how you'll pick me out from the thousands of other aging scals wearing Berghaus.
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It's not as good as our elephant was.
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I wish this post would have been after it wakes up so that I wouldn't have to remember to go back and watch videos, and so people didn't have the opportunity to snark before everything happened.
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During phase II of the installation, La Machine will begin feeding on squatters in the abandoned building it is climbing.

I'd like to merge the stuff these guys are doing with Survival Research Labs.
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It's not as good as our elephant was.

Though to be pedantic, the elephant was actually from Nantes, where the show was first performed, not made specifically for London.
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It's not as good as our elephant was.

Madness! Giant spider is totally better than giant elephant! I mean, ALL elephants are pretty big, so you just happened to get a SLIGHTLY more big one trundling around your poxy little suburb. Now a giant Spider? There's something special for you! Standing giant over all her teeny tiny spider friends, standing giant over all her average sized enemies, standing giant over your elephant.

Spider wins my friend, spider wins.
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Now if we can just get Will Smith and a film crew to London, we could have a sequel on our hands. Wild, Wild West End, anyone?
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I really, really, REALLY want that spider.
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