Little Hands, Fingers Like Large Salamis
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Little Hands, a commercial for Herringbone Sydney, won the Silver Lion award at the Cannes Lions 2008 international advertising festival. There is an accompanying print ad series (one in the series, "Bulgarians", was not well received by Saatchi&Saatchi Bulgaria). Today, the firm behind the Little Hands, M&C Saatchi, has been hired by the British government to sell its troubled ID card project to the public.
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a three minute commercial. god help me. he did have the absolutely straightest nose, in profile, i have ever seen, so all is not lost.
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So they're pressing ahead with the ID thing then? Sigh...
posted by Artw at 7:34 PM on September 7, 2008

For some reason the scene where he tries to shoot himself made me laugh heartily.
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I lol'd. Also, Herringbone make nice stuff.
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I guess there's no way I can get those three minutes back.
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Too fucking weird. Do not like.
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Too fucking weird.

I suspect that's the point. Now buy our shirts.
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Are their clothes as creepy as the ad? Yes? I will not buy them. No? Huh, your ad is so creepy I want nothing to do with you.

As a comment on the 'difficulties overcome/join in my triumph over adversity' narrative so often used to entice people to identify with a commercial product, and how insidious and pathological this narrative is (in appropriating what can be life-defining circumstances in order to coerce the consumer into associating positive emotions with the clients' brand, these kinds of ads act towards the viewer in a way that is unilaterally amoral, deceptive and potentially harmful), if that's what the ad's after (and it is not, in fact, trying to sell anyone anything) I'd say it's a big win.

Otherwise, fuck off, that shit was creepy at best, stupid by default.
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Short-fingered Bulgarian.
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From the print ad:
To this end, we are inviting you, ladies of advertising, to a cocktail party. There you can meet Henri and, if you like, maybe he could impregnate you. Your offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting his genetic anomaly, guaranteeing them future employment as a Herringbone tailor.
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The first reaction on the advertising spot that describes Bulgarians as having “fingers like large salamis” came from Saatchi&Saatchi Bulgaria on June 27 2008.

Awkward. You would think they might have picked a country other than one of the 86 where they have an office and are competing for business. Maybe Uzbekistan.
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I find it odd that the Labour government is getting in bed with the guys who did this fifteen or so years ago.
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I liked it, especially the suicide scene. I found the main character more comic than creepy, but maybe the small hands tripped some uncanny valley revulsion for some people. Of course, my expectations for commercials are normally pretty low.
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Oh god, where he puts his hand up to the woman's face as he kisses her.
I laughed.
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I've seen this joke before.
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Little Hands by Skip Spence

(I love this song)
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