Twelve Canoes
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Twelve Canoes - a beautiful & media-rich site presenting the stories, art and environment of the Yolngu people who live around the Arafura swamp in north-eastern Arnhem Land, Australia.

This is from the same mob who brought to you the Ten Canoes movie. Apparently, there are a number of other canoe projects, preserving & sharing the ancient culture of the Arnhem Land aboriginals.
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i didn't much want to pad this out with other background links, because a lot of the fun lies in finding out things for yourself from the main linked site. you'd probably be familiar with the Yolngu people from the Zorba the Greek clip that was doing the rounds on the internet a short time ago
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nice post mate!
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Took a quick peak and the site looks so intriguing - can't wait to finish work today so I can explore further - thanks, Ubu!
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This is a great resource, Ubu. Thanks for pointing this out. The photography is gorgeous.

I enjoyed the film Ten Canoes so much when I saw it in Australia, I made sure to buy a copy of the DVD when I got back to the US. I've tried to share it with as many friends as possible. I encourage fellow USians to find the film and watch it. It's an amazing portrayal of a people and a culture that the world knows very little about. I thought the movie website and the accompanying study guide was a great resource, so I'm happy to see this new project emerge.
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Good stuff. Watch out for that across the river mob now.
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