Pioneers of Love
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Pioneers of Love - a three part documentary about relations between the Ngadjonji people of Far North Queensland, Australia & early white settlers. More about the Ngadjonji people can be found here, including early photos, language, traditional stories, ancient history & more. [previously]
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Many thanks for this.
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You're welcome.

(i jumped the gun on the "traditional stories" link, which isn't at all about the dreamtime mythology. also, i've requested a NSFW link from the mods)
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Holy. Best of the web, indeed. Thanks!
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I've always been interested in the corollaries between the affects of Europeans on the native peoples of Australia/New Zealand and the Americans, specifically North America/Canada. Anyone know of any good places or examples of this happening in the media of books, movies, etc? My knowledge of this affect in Australia and NZ is limited; any specific media would be appreciated.
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Wow. I was born in Mareeba, near Atherton, and spent much of my childhood in Atherton, and other towns in the Atherton Tablelands, including Malanda (my father grew up on a farm there, I spent a little bit of time at Malanda Primary and Malanda Highschool) and I knew nothing 'Little Siberia'! Thanks so much for sharing this.
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Note: in the last video, there is mention of 'three aboriginal piccaninis'. In case people don't know, picannini is a pigeon english word for 'child' both in Australia and in Papua New Guinea Pigeon. In Australia, it specifically meant an Aboriginal child, though in PNG it usually just means child.
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