'And Now For Those All-Important DNA Test Results...!'
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When reality bites, it leaves deep scars... behind the scenes of The Jeremy Kyle Show. 'One-Night Stand On CCTV!' 1, 2, 3 - the episode mentioned in the article. Brooker on Kyle. Dead Ringers sketch.
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I hadn't even known who this reprehensible fucktard was until seeing clips on Brooker's Screenwipe (all available on Youtube, by the way), and ohmygod...
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And of course it was he being pissed on by muppets that turned him into the vile figure of manipulation and humiliation that he is today...
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The most damning indictment is that the government want him to front a show about getting people off benefits.

Things like this turn me into a Scots nationalist, except then I remember it's just as bad north of the border.

Britain, what happened?
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Ah, forgot the government link.

Ah also forgot Screenwipe covered Jeremy 'Satan' Kyle in the first episode... starts about 6.00. But yeah it's well worth watching all of it.
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Rabble rabble rabble!
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Jerr(em)y! Jerr(em)y! Jerr(em)y!

Britain gave us "The Office"... we had to return the favor.
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Ah, the English vindictiveness. We Americans are just bitter, and what's more, we're relatively confused and unintelligent about it; hence our tabloids either feature pictures of people on the beach or inventive and amusing photoshop images of aliens shaking the hand of Ronald Reagan, and our 'chat shows' at their worst are just incoherent and sloppy. Whereas you English somehow manage this deep and precise cruelty. I can't ever imagine Jerry Springer (who is not a stupid man) slinging such precise and off-the-cuff barbs as Jeremy Kyle (who is not as intelligent as Jerry Springer) does without blinking. I just don't think Jerry has the skill set or the training. What is that sense for the soft, delicate parts of people that makes it so easy to attack?
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Let us know when the opera is out.
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No no no no NO. Jeremy Kyle should be one of those things that is contained within our borders and never ever exposed to outsiders. Bleargh!

> "Ah, the English vindictiveness. We Americans are just bitter, and what's more, we're relatively confused and unintelligent about it"

This is just the end result of the bitterness after it collects and takes shape into something more tangible. You can already see it within episodes of the (far worse) Steve Wilkos show (NSFW). I'm sorry for your future loss :(

One day we will look back on these times and laugh. I hope.
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Pretty horrifying piece. I watch Jeremy Kyle sometimes (usually when I have trouble sleeping - it doesn't help!). More than Kyle's general high-horse awfulness, and the sense you get of him gaining some degree of sexual satisfaction from bellowing at, then consoling women, the programme is disturbing because guests on (victims of?) the show have very obvious, very serious mental health problems, or are actually high on smack while participating.

It's good that this piece confirms and makes public that they deliberately ignore mental health problems, and I'd be interested to see if it prompts the producers to tone it down. I mean, surely they can find 'scum' to put in the stocks without resorting to people who are clearly in need of urgent medical or psychiatric help.
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And where is Ofcom in all this? I would expect the purpose of television regulation would be to at least protect people from themselves?
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fearfulsymmetry -

Thanks for the ScreenWipe tip. Watched the whole episode 1, with the rest to watch after work... Great fun.
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Charlie Brooker ScreenWipe, great stuff. Jeremy Kyle...being merely a Jerry Springer copy with the dreadful fake "morality" angle sexed up, not so much.
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