The one with the hitchhiker in the yellow coat
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Hammer House of Horror was a 1980 British anthology television series produced by the eponymous film studio. It was followed by Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense and there were a couple of other notable, similar themed, series around at the time, Beasts and West Country Tales. They might now seem a little crude and simplistic, but they employed an interesting array of writers, directors and actors and the best can still raise a definite chill

Hammer House of Horror
Witching Time
The Thirteenth Reunion
Rude Awakening - Denholm Elliott
Growing Pains
The House that Bled to Death - Great children's party!
Charlie Boy
The Silent Scream - Peter Cushing and Brian Cox
Children of the Full Moon - Diana Dors, the curtain!
Carpathian Eagle
Guardian of the Abyss
Visitor from the Grave
The Two Faces of Evil - The one with the hitchhiker in the yellow coat...
The Mark of Satan

Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense
Mark of the Devil - Dirk Benedict
Last Will & Video Tape
In Possession
Child's Play
Black Carrion
The Late Nancy Irving
And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
Tennis Court
(There's one or two parts missing in a couple of these)

(All written by Nigel 'Quartermass' Kneale)
Special Offer - Pauline Quirke in a haunted supermarket
During Barty's Party
Buddyboy - Martin Shaw and a ghostly dolphin
Baby - This will put you off ever moving to the countryside
What Big Eyes
The Dummy

West Country Tales
(All based on true stories!)
The Visitor
The Beast - This one was basically the most frightening thing I ever saw as a kid...
The Breakdown
Miss Constantine (1, 2)
The White Bird Of Laughter
With Love, Belinda
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Hammer is fantastic, classic. The current incarnation recently released The Woman In Black and Let Me In, among others.

Thanks for these links, fearfulsymmetry!!
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I watched Baby within the last year or so. 70s BBC production values, but overall atmospheric with some genuine scares. I look forward to checking some of the others out. Thank you.
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Also obligatory.
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Why? Why? Why would you do that to me?

With that said, this post does remind me to run a marathon of CBS Radio Mystery Theater tonight.

Classic radio from my childhood.
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I'd always thought Blood on Satan's Claw - which really frightened me when I was like, 8 - was a Hammer House of Horror production but I guess it was made a few years earlier
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I'm so excited about delving into these links. Thank you for the post!
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Forgot to add the drama Kneale wrote as a kind of forerunner to Beasts - for the series Against the Crowd, Murrain. It stars Bernard 'M in the Bond films' Lee and is well worth a watch.
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The Two Faces of Evil - The one with the hitchhiker in the yellow coat...

Haunted my childhood, that episode. Never trusted anyone wearing a yellow raincoat since.

And the fingernail...
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