The Best Film Ever Made
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With all this talk of Sandy Smith (epilepsy warning on that last link), his greatest project still wants for submissions. Smith: In May 2007 I commissioned an essay from a supplier of tailor-made academic essays. I requested a 1500 word essay that was to "prove that Junior... is the best film ever made." This essay was to make reference to various writers including Freud, Barthes, Baudrillard and Jameson in proving it's case. Yes, that Junior.

Thanks to liebniz for suggesting that I FPP this comment.
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I can't read the essay. Too painful. Good stuff.
posted by krilli at 5:30 PM on September 21, 2008

Only in Word format?
posted by lumensimus at 5:38 PM on September 21, 2008

This is going to make the rounds over here! Cheers!
posted by flippant at 5:40 PM on September 21, 2008

Who is this man with money to burn and how do I get me some of it?
posted by PostIronyIsNotaMyth at 6:33 PM on September 21, 2008

This made my day, thanks!
posted by treepour at 6:50 PM on September 21, 2008

Even utilised ironically, Baudrillard is still enough to make me sick on my own scorn.
posted by turgid dahlia at 7:49 PM on September 21, 2008

Hm. I remain unconvinced. Kindergarten Cop was far superior.
posted by Marisa Stole the Precious Thing at 8:48 PM on September 21, 2008

I am currently working on my own entry, though privately, I am convinced that Predator is at least the greatest action film ever made. It has a script to rival the best of Chekhov, Ibsen, O'Neill- although they did cook it up and drop them in the meatgrinder.
posted by leibniz at 11:38 PM on September 21, 2008

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