Start your week with a bit of Bollywood, why don'tcha'?
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Monday Madness

Thanks to a suggestion made by UbuRoivas in another thread.
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Sunday Neurosis
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I'm sorry, it just looks to me like some weird High School Musical meets "Hey, Macarena!" thing.

Both of which I hate.
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That's hilarious. I quite like watching Bollywood movies - with or without subtitles. What is being sung about in these videos? A bit of background would have been useful...
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I can't be the only one that is constantly annoyed by youtube uploaders who mess up the aspect ratio.
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The homogenized future.
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Who keeps posting this crap?
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Of all weeks that need a joy and exuberance charge, this is one of them. Thanks for the fun videos hadjiboy.

Amazing to see a Bollywood dance set where I used to live in Manali! wow! Guess they must have filmed the monastery scene up at Keylong Monastery (?) in Lahaul.
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ah, dear sweet Keylong!
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Holy Dust Clouds and Snow Mountains, you know Keylong Ubu?!
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Neither of those come close to this one.
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