Star Stories and the Nobel Prize
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Star Stories explains the life and death of stars using a multimedia approach that incorporates images, animation, video and text. From the official website of the Nobel Foundation. Don't miss out on the other cool games .

One of the games has been posted before, but Star Stories is hot off of the presses.
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Well, they aren't getting a Nobel Prize in Browser Compatability.
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H'mm...the only real multimedia or animated angle is the menu system -- the content itself is pretty text heavy and static.

There is a short animation of the Sun, but it features clumsy use of Trapcode's Particular using an all-too-familiar preset.

A big round of "meh" from me...disappointed, because I was hoping this would be good item to work into a lesson plan for my homeschooled daughter (5.5 yrs). She's very interested in cosmology, but I think if I were simply to read the text to her I might as well use one of the books I already have on the shelf that at least feature lots of photographs.

The menu's pseudo-parallax in response to to cursor movement was kind of neat, though.
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Maybe I missed it, but I couldn't find the entry on Chris Farley anywhere.
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I hoped you were referring to these Star Stories...
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Totally glossed over Proxima Centauri's oxycodone addiction and how it supported Enoch Powell in the 70's.
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I read a story in the Star about how a certain VP candidate has had chestic enhancement surgery.

LOLBIDEN amirite?
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